Who Are We?

The Calgary West Rotary Club is a group of like-minded people who have a passion for making a difference locally and around the world. We meet on a weekly or monthly basis to connect with each other over a meal and to be brought up-to-date about club service projects or social activities.

We hear an engaging speaker talk about things that matter or visit an interesting business or other organization on a field trip. Most of all, we like to have fun while being together and serving others.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Our Vision: Improving the world one life at a time.
  • Our Mission: To serve and to lead through local and international projects which enrich lives and brighten the future for all.
  • Our Values: We do this with truth, fairness, goodwill and friendship.

What are Meeting Options?

Current and potential Rotarians are busy people! That is why we offer three options for meetings:

  1. Monday Day: "Mondays at the Eagle" – Weekly, 12:00 Noon
  2. Thursday Evening: "Rotary West at the Joyce" – Last Thursday of the Month, 6:00 PM
  3. After Hours: Casual meeting of younger people interested in service. Meet biweekly at various pubs or restaurants to connect and discuss projects. Click for Information.

Mondays at the Eagle — What are these Meetings Like?

We meet every Monday at the Grey Eagle Hotel at noon. This meeting has the largest attendance and usually lasts around 1½ hours.

  • Connecting before and during lunch
  • Buffet lunch
  • Project reports
  • Entertaining moments
  • Speaker
  • Cost $25.00

Rotary West at the Joyce (RWJ) — What are these Meetings Like?

The second option, Rotary West at the Joyce, is less formal. It is held on the last Thursday night of every month. The major focus is on connecting.

RWJ was created for people who can’t make regular Monday meetings but who want to participate in Rotary. It tends to attract a younger crowd but many club members attend both.

  • Start time 6:00 PM
  • Private room at the Joyce on 4th
  • Connecting time
  • Short announcements
  • Speaker or presentation
  • No Cost except individual choice for food and drink

After Hours — What are these Meetings Like?

The third option is our Rotary West AfterHours Meetup. If you are interested in community service but aren’t sure if you can commit to weekly meetings, Rotary After Hours is for you!

The group meets on an informal basis at different locations. Check it out! After Hours is a vibrant group meets in a casual setting twice a month to connect and to make a difference supporting causes they are passionate about. Learn More.

What is a Rotarian?

Calgary West Rotarians are professionals just starting their careers, in the midst of their careers or retired from their careers.

  • We represent many business sectors, a variety of professions and life experiences
  • We are age, gender, culturally and ethnically diverse
  • We like engaging with all types of people and helping people who need help.

Meeting Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance of any meeting is not mandatory, but many members attend both because they love being with fellow Rotarians. (See Membership)

What is Community Service?

Changing lives and building communities is as exciting as it is motivational. Rotarians discover new passions as they find how easy it can be to make a remarkable difference in people's lives. (See Community Service)

What Are Your Core Values?

Rotarians are guided by a belief system known as The Four Way Test. It is relevant, practical and resonates wherever it is applied. (See Four Way Test)

How do I Become a Rotarian?

We thought you’d never ask. Click for Calgary West Membership information.

What is Rotary International?

The Calgary West Rotary Club is part of the global network of the Rotary International. The strength of Rotary is the network of strong local clubs which are each unique in their own way.

Peter Lougheed, a great Canadian political leader said it this way, "Think globally but act locally."  That is what we do.

We’d Like to Meet You!

Why not check us out? We meet Mondays at 12:10 noon at the Grey Eagle Hotel, 3779 Grey Eagle Drive (corner of 37 St SW & Glenmore Trail)  click for directions, and visitors are welcome!

  • A Safe Place for Leaders
  • Meetings offering value, relevance
  • Interesting, informational and educational speakers
  • Connect with positive People
  • Mentor and be mentored
  • Engaging local and international service projects