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World Community Service

Ramacrisna School Education Program - Bétim, Brazil
A Rotary Calgary West - Rotary Belo Horizonte, Liberdade & Ramacrisna Partnership

Phase I started 29 May, 2015 and was completed with $1000 for library books.

Phase II (2016) involved introducing 295 students (12 – 16y) to robotic science and training, and 260 students (17 – 29y) in robotics suitable for employment in the labour market.

President Ben Kormos visited the Ramacrisna School in December, 2017, to start Phase III. The full presentation with student testimonials can be viewed in this Powerpoint.

Homes of Hope Mexico:
2017 will be the 13th Mexico Home building trip to Mexico, 11th sponsored by RCCW. The vision is to build 6 houses for the poorest of the poor with children in Mexico with 90 committed Rotarians, family and friends over a weekend in March.

Malawi Girls on the Move Secondary Security Project - Malawi Girls on the Move School (Atsikana Pa Ulendo):
Secondary school for girls, school of 320 students, 15-20 staff. Provide fencing materials, security system technology and training for security guards to protect the students, staff and provisions at the school.

Grows With Grace Scholarships:
Provide scholarship funds for children who could otherwise not attend school to receive an education in Gulu, Uganda

Guatemalan Playgrounds:
Improved playground facilities and better access to school. This will improve fitness, well being and sanitation at three different schools in San Francisco and two in Tululche within the same municipality. Most rural schools suffer from the problems of muddy playgrounds during rainy season from May to October reducing exercise time which is essential for good learning.

Honduran Economic and Community Development Phase 3:
Provide funds for micro credit loans and electronic devices for the loan officers of IDH. Loan funds will become part of IDH's loan portfolio which are lent out to mostly women to start or expand existing small businesses. The electronic devices will help IDH continue to develop a cashless network between their clients and the loan officers, which improves overall safety and administration.

Honduran Economic and Community Development Phase 4:
Provide funding to IDH the local implementation partner lend to SME's and Trust groups through IDH's existing branch offices in order to increase employment and income generating opportunities which enable families to provide for their basic needs, reduce poverty and improve their standard of living.

Shelterbox Canada:
To provides shelter and lifesaving aid to people affected by natural and man-made disasters around the world. Since its inception in 2000, ShelterBox has responded to over 285 disasters in more than 95 countries, helping well over one million people.

Homes in Guatemala:
Provide homes for the underprivileged for low / no income families.

Completed or Ongoing Participation

  • Community Development for Cambodia
  • The Agua Project (TAP) — El Salvador
  • Micro Credit Banking
  • FANDIC Colombia
  • Helping to End Polio
  • Building Basic Education in Guatemala
  • Hawkers Market in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Embocraft South Africa

Local Community Service

At our weekly meeting on May 13, 2019 Bill Lawless was welcomed to the podium to talk about the work of the LCS (local community services) committee. The committee’s goal is to identify and propose organizations and programmes which RCCW can support via either funding or hands-on activities.

Bill provided an overview of a proposed CanLearn initiative, describing why LCS supports this initiative. He introduced a motion to the floor to vote to support the CanLearn P4L program funding of $10,000 a year for three years - to be evaluated on an annual basis with continuation subject to all conditions being met. The motion to the club membership was required because of the potential multi-year funding commitment. Several questions for clarification (funding, use of logo, selection of students, annual evaluation process) were raised and addressed before the vote was called and carried.

Several opportunities for members to participate in hands on volunteering for LCS projects (Food Bank, CanLearn, Meals on Wheels) were circulated via sign up sheets on each table.

Ongoing LCS Projects

Brown Bagging
Calgary Community Kitchens
Calgary Food Bank
Can Learn Society
Habitat for Humanity
It's Never Too Late
Re-Set Society

Highlights of 2015-2016 Projects

Support for the Can Learn "Early Literacy for All" program that has a Target Group as follows: Low-income families with preschool and early elementary age children in high need communities of Calgary.

Families with greater economic resources are better able to purchase or produce important "inputs" into young children's development and learning such as books and stimulating home environment.

Economic insecurity often takes toll on parenting and constrains parents' ability to provide rich learning opportunities for their children. The level of parental stress in families falling behind financially is typically very high, with parents continuously anxious making ends meet.

Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds are already behind before they start school. Children who start school behind typically stay behind if they do not receive help. An alarming number of young children are experiencing are at risk.

Canada uses the Early Development Instrument (EDI) to monitor school readiness skills of young children. The most recent results indicate that 29% of children in Calgary are not ready for kindergarten. Language and early literacy delays are the most prevalent developmental difficulty exhibited by 60% of kindergarten children.

CanLearn works to address the issue through several family literacy programs that work with families in their home, in the community. These programs focus on teaching parents to teach their children and providing opportunities for children to practice and their early reading skills. Getting books into the hands of children who have no or few books at home is another important aspect of our effort to promote literacy.

  • 85% of participating preschool children will start kindergarten ready for learning
  • 85% of participating early elementary age children will finish the year at grade level in reading
  • 85% of parents will report increased knowledge of early literacy activities to share with their children

Our Contribution helped Canlearn bring an extra 25 families into their program this year.

A Cheque presentation was made to CanLearn in February of 2016

Over its 30 year history, Motive-Action has received grants to cover operating costs from Government. However, these grants do not include capital expenditures. We must raise funds from the community.

To allow us to address the ongoing needs for capital investment, we ask The Rotary Club of Calgary West to consider making a $4750 +gst donation to allow us to replace a damaged shop sink with a Semi-Circular Classic Washfountain.

Model WF2703, designed for heavy-duty hand washing.

Semi-Circular Classic Washfountain
  • Foot control or infrared sensor operation
  • One-piece pressing of 14-gauge stainless steel / #4 polished finish
  • 36" WF2703 can accommodate up to 3 users at a time with an approximate flow-rate is 1.25GPM
  • Operating range: 20-80 PSI

All models utilize less water, energy, and space than lavatories equipped with conventional faucets. A simple, mechanical foot valve or an infrared sensor activated solenoid valve controls the non-sectional spray head.

A Cheque presentation was made during a Club Tour of Motive-Action in April 2016

Improve youth outreach through the use of familiar mediums — reducing the barriers to accessing our services and supporting community outreach and services provided by offsite staff.

Upgrading CPCC-wide phone system.

Calgary and area youth and young adults concerned about or impacted by unplanned pregnancy and sexual health.

  • Increased client volume, especially in the youth — young adult age range.
  • Increased ability to be responsive to clients via their preferred means of communication (text). Facilitating ease of access to and interaction with youth and their peer-counsellor or community educator.
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of our mobile staff (especially the community education team).

A Presentation by Calgary Pregnancy Center was made to our Club members in early May 2016 along with a Cheque presentation.

MindFuel's Ignition Pack inspires science literacy in youth and helps create knowledge workers and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Rotary's support of $12,500 would allow us to produce ten Ignition Pack kits to be donated to various schools in your community. Grades and schools will be determined by Calgary West.

  • The teachers that use donated Ignition Packs will make their science teaching more engaging and intearctive for students.
  • By increasing science literacy and knowledge in youth we also increase their potential to grow into future contributors to community and economy growth.
  • As partners, MindFuel and the Rotary Club of Calgary West may continue delivering Ignition Pack as a permanent classroom resource in your community schools, and eventually all of Alberta with support from other funding partners.

Please see attached file which explains the entire concept in detail it is well worth reading to appreciate the work and the affect this organization has on science education in Alberta. Attached file is: RCCW_MindFuel Support Documents for Application

A presentation will be made by Mind Fuel on September 12th ,2016 to our club members at lunch along with a cheque presentation.

Promote, Educate, motivate Organ and tissue donor registration.

In support of their Transplant Trot race held in Spring of 2016.

A cheque presentation was made to the organization in April 2016

Weekends And More (WAM) Program

This program helps school-age students experiencing chronic hunger by providing take home food supplements over the weekend.

School personnel are identifying and enrolling chronically food-insecure students, and distributing supplemental food for those students to take home. Currently, we have 6 schools participating in the program.

Funds will be spent on purchasing specific food items for the WAM bags. Each bag includes two items from each food group, except fruits and vegetables, which will have two items each. To name a few: oatmeal, tuna snack packs and milk.

These items ideally will involve minimal cooking or preparation. All food items will come from an approved list created with the help of nutritionists with Alberta Health Services.

Since WAM's inception in October 2014 until February 2016, the WAM program has provided over 4,400 hampers to school-age students experiencing chronic hunger.

With ongoing support from the community and organizations like you we are able to continue supporting school-age students over the weekends.

It is expected that our contribution will provide a years supply of this program for up to 10 schools.

A Cheque presentation will be made to the Food Bank on June 28th during our volunteer shift that day.

Project Hope

Providing families, previously homeless, with basic household needs as they move into their new dwelling units.

Homeless families pre-screened by Calgary Family Services, Inn from the Cold and other shelters are selected for available housing.

Purchase of basic household items including bathroom supplies, basic kitchen needs, blankets and sheets, non-perishable food items and bus passes.

Supporting the set-up of a family from shelters (off the street).

Number of families

  • Finding stable employment;
  • Being able to maintain rent payments resulting in staying off the streets;
  • Children in school regularly;
  • Healthier eating with tools provide for kitchen setup;
  • More stable home environment building confidence and security;
  • Parents being able to retrain without burdens of costly setup;
  • Social worker feedback from supporting families.

A presentation will be made to the club member in September of 2016

A recommendation was sent to the board to support the Centre For all Abilities project for $15,000 spread over three years. This project is in limbo from the last communications received.

Additional Organizations Supported:

  • Accessible Housing
  • Alpha House
  • Art à la Carte
  • Back Door
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Boy Scouts
  • Calgary Drop-in Centre
  • Calgary Meals on Wheels
  • Calgary Military Museums
  • Calgary Police Service - Simon the Safety Bear
  • Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Foothills Hospital Learning Centre
  • It's a Crime Not to Read
  • Kid's Cancer Care Foundation
  • Kirby Rotary House
  • Lord Shaughnessy High School
  • Native Outreach
  • Rotary Flames Partnership
  • Rotary /Mattamy Pathway
  • Salvation Army
  • Schizophrenia Society Calgary Chapter
  • Street Kids International
  • Streetlights Youth Outreach
  • William Roper Hull Home
  • Youth Pregnancy Support

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