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Induction of New Members

May 15, 2017: Past President, Sa'adat Keshavjee welcomed new member Linda Haines to the podium, where she was inducted into the club by District Governor-elect Dan Doherty.

Linda Haines and Terry Felton

Linda Haines and Terry Felton

Dan Doherty and Linda Haines

Dan Doherty and Linda Haines

Linda Haines

Linda Haines

April 10, 2017: Julie Cahoon was introduced by President-elect Ben Kormos, who provided his personal insights into Julie's talents and personality and then detailed her background.

Ted Valentine, Terry Felton, Ben Kormos, and Julie Cahoon

Ted Valentine, Terry Felton, Ben Kormos, and Julie Cahoon

PDG Ted Valentine provided the formal charge of responsibilities, outlining a brief history of Rotary, announcing Julie's classification as "Business Management" and noting that, "If you are too busy for Rotary then you're too busy".

February 6, 2017: Past-president Gail Williams read the Rotary Charge to new member, Tracey Bitcon.

Andrew Bitcon, Tracey Bitcon, Terry Felton, and Gail Williams

Andrew Bitcon, Tracey Bitcon, Terry Felton, and Gail Williams

President Terry introduced Tracey to the club. She has been very active in business as well as the community, in particular the world of figure skating. She is co-founder of the Wild Rose Skating Club. Welcome Tracey!

January 16, 2017: Gail Williams gave the charge. RCCW is a 'Can Do' club, and this is our 50th anniversary. Marie Rickard will be Bev's mentor and David Williams will be Eduardo's mentor; but so will everyone on their team and in the club.

Gail Williams, Bev Picard, Eduardo Watman, Terry Felton, and Claude Masse

Gail Williams, Bev Picard, Eduardo Watman, Terry Felton, and Claude Masse

Bev has a family of three boys and has lived in Calgary for the past 30 years. She currently manages property in the Mission area. She has given herself to many international causes such as Days for Girls, volunteering in an orphanage in Nepal, building homes in Mexico and stoves in Guatemala. She looks forward to forming new friendships and being of service to those who in need, both locally and internationally.

Eduardo is originally from Argentina, where he worked as a physician for 20 years and a university professor. Coming to Canada in 2003 with his wife and two children, he continued in the medical field here. However, he has made a career change to follow his passion in real estate. His classification is Radiologist/Real Estate: a unique combination to say the least! He is a world traveller, loves sports, photography and the outdoors. He is grateful for the opportunity to join our club.

December 23, 2016: Past-president Dan Doherty inducted our newest member, Don Vokey.

Dan Doherty and Don Vokey

Dan Doherty and Don Vokey

December 16, 2016: Chris Ritter inducted two new members, Paul Sandhu and Paul Mangat, into our club and they were warmly welcomed. Bill Quinney will mentor Paul S and Bill Lawless will mentor Paul M.

Paul Sandhu, Paul Mangat, Chris Ritter, and Tony Knight

Paul Sandhu, Paul Mangat, Chris Ritter, and Tony Knight

September 23, 2016: Chris Ritter, invited our newest inductee, Jude Hanen, to come forward. DG Neil Berg did the honours with the induction. He recognized that Jude instantly had 77 new best friends right here at RCCW and 1.2 million friends in Rotary worldwide. "We are inviting you into our club; you invited us into your world, Jude."

Chris Ritter, Jude Hanen, Neil Berg, and Terry Felton

Chris Ritter, Jude Hanen, Neil Berg, and Terry Felton

August 19, 2016: Saskia Knight and Gustavo Jimenez were inducted as new Rotary members by Dan Doherty. Welcome to Calgary West, Saskia and Gustavo!

Saskia Knight and Ben Kormos

Saskia Knight (Fund Development) introduced by Ben Kormos

Tony Knight and Gustavo Jimenez

Tony Knight introduced Gustavo Jimenez (Real Estate).

July 15, 2016: PP Mike Carlin delivered the charge to Ken Montgomery and Marvin Pawlivsky.

Terry Felton, Steve Rickard, Ken Montgomery, Marvin Pawlivsky, and Chris Ritter

Terry Felton, Steve Rickard, Ken Montgomery, Marvin Pawlivsky, and Chris Ritter

Terry Felton, Steve Rickard, and Ken Montgomery

Terry Felton, Steve Rickard, and Ken Montgomery

Ken Montgomery was introduced by Steve Rickard. Ken is an engineer who has worked in the power business and in oil and gas and who has also been an IT consultant. Ken is a world traveler, who has lived, worked and/or visited some 67 countries, and who has a love for lifelong learning. He is also a pilot and a history buff, with an interest in the Lewisburg fortification. He also enjoys golf!

Marvin Pawlivsky was introduced by Chris Ritter. Marvin has been a Rotarian since 2003 in the Grand Prairie and Okotoks RCs. He was the president of the Okotoks club in 2011/12. Marvin has a degree in political science, and he is the owner/broker of the Cooperators office in the town. Marvin's first exposure to Rotary was in 1982 when he participated in Adventures in Citizenship. Marvin also likes golf and skiing.

April 22, 2016: Bill Tapuska performed a brief induction and introduced Debbie as the "world's newest Rotarian".

Clarence Buckley, Bill Fitzsimmons and Debbie Barry
Debbie Barry and Gail Williams
Debbie Barry

Debbie and her husband ran a family owned insurance business for 40 years. They have one daughter and two sons and five grandchildren, soon to be seven!!!

She is actively involved in church, community and Samaritan's Purse. She is well travelled, having visited 17 countries on five continents. She considers her best experience being a mother and a home maker.

February 19, 2016: New member Bill Fitzsimmons was introduced by Steve Rickard. Clarence Buckley "charged" Bill with the expectations that our club and Rotary International have relative to membership and commitment, and presented Bill with his Rotary pin.

Clarence Buckley, Bill Fitzsimmons and Steve Rickard
Steve Rickard, Bill and Patricia Fitzsimmons

Bill has a work history related to Inland Concrete and related industries. In addition to construction, he and Patricia are involved locally and particularly internationally with Habitat for Humanity. Dan Doherty noted there is an interest in curling and golf, in addition to his volunteerism and board work with non profits.

September 18, 2015: Gail Williams welcomes new members Katia Goussous and Dave Landage. Induction was performed by DG Martin Harvey who spoke about the Rotary world-wide organization and the Four Way Test.

Gail Williams, Katia Goussous, and Dave Landage

Katia Goussous was introduced by Cha Cha Chansiri. Katia and her husband, Refat Sayegh, and their four children came to Canada from Jordan and settled in Calgary four years ago. Katia is the owner/manager of a downtown floral business, YARA Flowers Ltd. Her mentor is Maggie Julian.

Dave Landage introduced by Kevin Yates. Dave was born in Saddle Lake, First Nation Reserve, north of Edmonton. He worked in CP Hotels in early 90s, and is now the executive chef of Grey Eagle Hotel. He is also a member of the Association of Gastronomy. His mentor is Mike Carlin.

July 24, 2015: Saadat Keshavjee welcomes returning member Don Campbell, introduced by PP Duncan Stanners saying "Do gooders coming together for humanity".

Saadat Keshavjee and Don Campbell

July 17, 2015: Tony Knight provided the charge to new member Andrew Dyson to become engaged and to bring to life the Objects of Rotary.

Tony Knight and Andrew Dyson

Shelley Dyson introduced her husband, Andrew Dyson, who was born in Montreal and graduated from Concordia University with, among other designations; a degree in environmental science. He retired from Curtis Industries in 2005 and is active and keeps busy with home renovations and restoration of automobiles. Shelley is looking forward to having Andrew join her in their Rotary adventure.

June 26, 2015: Dan Doherty charged new members Melody Warman, Darren Grierson, and Gwyn Lewis with their responsibilities.

Melody Warman, Darren Grierson, Gwyn Lewis, and Tony Knight

Melody has a business background in sales, marketing and account management. She has also been involved in animal rescue and welfare.

Darren is currently a Rotarian, and is involved in adult District Rotary Exchange programs. He is employed in financial security as a Life and Health Insurance Adviser.

Gwyn is now a graduate of the club's support group. He is a business owner, boxer and former Luger and has been an active house builder with Calgary West Rotary for Homes of Hope in Mexico.

May 8, 2015: New member Lysle Barmby was inducted and Bill Tapuska gave the charge, noting that Rotary was a world-wide gathering of men and women to serve their various communities.

Lysle Barmby and Andrew Bitcon
Lysle Barmby

Lysle has participated in our Mexican homes project a couple of times, bringing ten people with her this past year. Lysle is an artist whose work is all over the world and is also a stellar athlete! Had women's hockey been an Olympic sport in her day, she probably would have been on Canada's team. Lysle has run seven marathons, 12 triathlons and the Boston Marathon twice.

April 24, 2015: New members Paul Graham and Claude Massé were inducted and Dan Doherty addressed the new Rotarians with their responsibility — particularly to get further involved in club activities. He invited them to wear their new Rotary pins with pride and to find ways to serve in the community with things we can do.

Paul Graham, Andrew Bitcon, Dan Doherty, Claude Massé, and Terry Felton

Andrew Bitcon told us Paul Graham had a long and distinguished career in sales. Paul also has a history of volunteer work, helping out with agencies like the Food Bank and Inn From the Cold. Paul and Rebecca have been married now for 40 years.

Terry Felton introduced Claude Massé, a Professional Engineering Technologist. Volunteer positions held have included president of Lloydminster Sexual Assault Centre, Cub and Scout leader and coach for Special Olympics. Overseas volunteer experience has included a four-month placement in Nepal, house building in Mexico and stove building in Guatemala. Claude has been married to Bonita for 29 years, and they have two sons.

March 6, 2015: President Tony Knight, PP Karl Herzog and PP Saadat Keshavjee introduced our eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth members into the club this Rotary year. They are Cha Cha Chansiri, Judith Shearer and Tazim Asaria.

Judith Shearer, Tazim Asaria, and Cha-Cha Chansiri
Cha-Cha Chansiri and Tony Knight
Tazim Asaria and Tony Knight
Judith Shearer and Tony Knight

February 13, 2015: New member Marlene Doherty is our tenth inductee in this Rotary year.

Tony Knight, Inductee Marlene Doherty, and Steve Rickard

Gail Williams introduced Marlene as a retired teacher, PE specialist, mother of four, past president of the Junior League of Calgary, Calgary Stampede Float chair, coach of girls soccer and a great travelling partner to Africa. Marlene has several Paul Harris Fellowships among her honours, and is the proud partner of Dan Doherty.