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2018 Rotary Foundation Presentation

Saadat led the session, reminding us that November is Foundation month and his committee has a responsibility to inform us of the Foundations and Foundation giving. The Foundations’ theme is “Doing good in the world”, and many of our projects benefit from the tremendous dollar-matching from the Foundations. His committee consists of himself, David Watson, Ben Kormos, Mike Carlin, Gail Williams, Terry Felton, Des DeFreitas and Garfield Ganong.

Gail Williams provided an overview of The Rotary Foundation, which is the charitable arm of RI. She distributed a flyer describing how the funds are acquired and disbursed, summarized as “We donate and we receive significant bonuses in return”. The Rotary Foundation has assets of $5B, and is rated in the top 10 international foundations for excellence.

David Watson summarised the Calgary Rotary Foundation. Funds collected and invested are returned to each Calgary club in proportion to their contributions. Currently, RCCW has approximately $850K in the Foundation (out of a total value of $54M), generating an annual return to us of about $40K. In addition to cash contributions, members are encouraged to consider bequest giving.

Marlene Doherty updated us on the End Polio Now statistics. She is our District chair in this, the largest global health initiative ever. 30 years ago there were 350,000 cases of polio worldwide. Today, there are 25. It’s imperative to totally eradicate the disease, however, and it’s estimated that failure to do so could eventually result in the number of cases skyrocketing once more to 250,000 worldwide. The October edition of the Rotarian has an excellent article on this topic. Our District’s goal for contributions to ending polio is $100k and we currently exceed that amount. Marlene and Dan will again be sponsoring a ride to end polio this winter (indoors) and an outdoor ride in the spring.

Mike Carlin, Sa'adat Keshavjee and Gail Williams presented Paul Harris pins earned via contributions to the Foundations in the past year. The recipients were: Judy Cochran (+2), Kurt Schurer (+3), Bill Lawless (+4), David Watson (+4), Holland Berry (+5), Gail Williams (+6), Mike Carlin (+6) and Sa'adat Keshavjee (+8). Marlene and Dan Doherty are also recognised as Paul Harris Society Members. Visit our Paul Harris Fellowship photo page.

as reported by Les Morgan in the November 5/18 Weekly Westerner Bulletin