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January 8, 2018: Alvin Law, Motivational Rabble Rouser

Patricia Morgan, wife of Les Morgan, introduced our guest speaker, Alvin Law, giving us an overview of his life and excellent qualities and accomplishments.

Alvin was a thalidomide baby and was born without arms. He had the good luck to be adopted by two extraordinary people who loved and accepted him, and provided him with the love and support which enabled him to develop himself into the exemplary individual he is.

Alvin views his handicap as a great gift and the foil against which he had the courage and tenacity to develop himself. He started with something terrible and turned it into something amazing.

He recounted many of his life experiences, and how he was able to develop in himself more talents and abilities than most people achieve (my words, not his). He became an accomplished trombonist and drummer, and can drive a car with just his feet, and also perform all the functions of daily living. He attributed his success to his choice to be a good person and to persevere. He says he became successful because of his challenges, not in spite of them.

Alvin was wearing a Paul Harris pin when he visited our club. It was presented to him at a Rotary event in acknowledgement of the contributions he has made. He told us of an experience he had as a keynote speaker at a Rotary event in Uganda. Uganda, he said, was in many ways a terrible place, but it has the potential to become a great one.

All in all, Alvin demonstrated with his life that what is possible for us is much greater than we think. He makes his living as a motivational speaker and writer, and is available to businesses and other organizations for all events, large and small. He can be reached at The website is well worth visiting, even if you are not going to engage Alvin.

Alvin brought copies of his book, Alvin's Laws of Life, and it looked like he sold a great many of them. I bought one!

Les Morgan thanked Alvin and presented him with his Boltman.

  • Chris Davis, Doug Mitchell, and Ben Kormos Chris Davis, Doug Mitchell, and Ben Kormos
  • Chris Davis, Doug Mitchell, and Ben Kormos Chris Davis, Doug Mitchell, and Ben Kormos

reported by Larry Doyle

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