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February 26, 2018: Amy St Jean and Raul Tapia of the Never Too Late program.     Never Too Late Program

Gail Williams introduced our guest speakers, Amy St Jean and Raul Tapia. Amy is with Catholic Family Services and manages the Never Too Late program (NTL) — a program providing the opportunity for adults who lack a high school graduation diploma to obtain their GED, or general equivalency diploma.

NTL began 10 years ago and is running in Bowness and Forest Lawn. There is a huge demand in the city, and NTL now graduates some 60 adults per year.

Raul described his story and the struggles he overcame to achieve his desire to return to school. After some procrastination, he joined the NTS program and encountered amazing, helpful, knowledgeable and caring staff and he acquired his GED. The payoff for him was a huge boost to his self-esteem and self-confidence. Amy and Raul both thanked Rotary for our assistance in providing such an opportunity.

Amy also noted that "professionals" are always welcome to NTS to assist in educating their students about the business world.

Marlene thanked them both and presented them with a Boltman.

  • Marlene Doughtery, Raul Tapia, Amy St Jean, and Ben Kormos Marlene Doughtery, Raul Tapia, Amy St Jean, and Ben Kormos

reported by Les Morgan

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