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October 30, 2017: Atsuchi Ono, "Magic that Captivates", a special Hallowe'en presentation.

Gustavo Jimenez introduced Atsuchi Ono, a magician. Atsushi Ono hails from Kyoto, Japan, and became interested in magic when in elementary school after seeing magic performed on television. In 2009 he earned 2nd place at the People's Choice Award at the Society of American Magicians in Buffalo, NY. He also earned a People's Choice Award at the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world's largest magical arts organization, in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2010, he was invited to perform at the Fletcher's Finger Flicking Frolic, the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world. Atsuchi moved with his wife to Calgary in 2008 and practises his craft at corporate functions and conventions.

A Summary of Atsuchi's Presentation:

  • The first trick involved scrambling an aligned Rubik's cube and then re-aligning it instantaneously while talking to the audience.
  • The second trick changed a napkin into a ping pong ball which then transitioned into having the ping pong ball multiply into numerous ping pong balls as he moved them from various pockets, hands, and mouth.
  • The third trick was a variation on picking out a card identified by a member of the audience from a full deck of cards. This trick involved pulling the number of cards identified by a member of the audience from a full deck lying on a table using his mouth. Larry Doyle asked for 17 and Linda Haines inspected the deck to insure it was authentic. He pulled a block of cards from the deck on the table with his mouth and dropped each card from the block to the table showing that there were 17 cards in the block.
  • The fourth trick also involved Larry Doyle, who provided a $CDN 20 bill for the trick. Atsuchi wrote the bill's serial number on a large sketch pad and then proceeded to fold the $20 bill until it disappeared. He then promised to make a much larger denomination bill re-appear to give back to Larry as a reward for his faith in the trick. Imagine Larry's surprise when the bill that re-appeared was a US$1.00 bill! Atsuchi then produced a whole lemon compete with untouched peel from a bag, proceeded to cut the lemon in half and produced Larry's $20 bill from the centre of the lemon, verified by the serial number recorded on the sketch pad.

The show finished with numerous card handling tricks with cards disappearing and reappearing from hands, pockets and his mouth, leaving a large number of cards scattered on the floor.

Atsuchi was appropriately thanked by Grant Richie and was presented with our world famous Boltman

  • Grant Ritchie, Atsuchi Ono, and Ben Kormos Grant Ritchie, Atsuchi Ono, and Ben Kormos

reported by Don Vokey

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