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August 26, 2016: Carlo Montemagno, ingenuity labs - U of Alberta.

Bill Tapuska introduced our guest speaker, Carlo Montemagno, the director of Ingenuity Labs. Ingenuity Lab is a funded research and development initiative at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Engineering.

Carlo, as he prefers to be called, has become a world renowned expert in nanotechnology and is responsible for creating innovations which solve complex challenges in the areas of informatics, agriculture, chemical refining, transportation, energy and healthcare.

Carlo was the founding dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences from Notre Dame University, as well as a number of other degrees and distinctions and has held many prestigious positions in his distinguished career.

Carlo says that "Research and education are critical to success because the transfer of knowledge creates economic prosperity."

Ingenuity Lab provides a platform for interdisciplinary research and innovation in the areas of material science, nanotechnology and interconnectedness. Traditional science is reductive: breaking down what is discovered in the world at the macro level, so that understanding may be gained about how it works. Nanotechnology works at the micro level of things on the periphery of sentience and interconnectedness which is beyond the realm of pure science.

Nanotechnology will transform the way we view the world and will give us future possibilities yet undreamed of.

Carlo gave us an example of a "paint" for buildings which can convert light into chemical energy and new technologies for carbon capture and transformation.

At the end of his presentation, Bill Quinney thanked Carlo and gave him his Boltman.

  • Carlo Montemagno and Bill Quinney
    Carlo Montemagno and Bill Quinney

reported by Larry Doyle

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