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July 17, 2017: Carrie Fritz, Calgary Humane Society

Our guest speaker, Carrie Fritz, was introduced by Past President Terry Felton. Carrie is the Executive Director of the Calgary Humane Society (CHS). As an accountant, she was that organization's controller in 2007, before assuming her current role.

With her lifelong love of animals and her lengthy non-profit experience, she maintains her passion for CHS, its mission and her incredible team of staff and volunteers, describing CHS as an amazing place to work where everyone loves to talk about their pets.

CHS was incorporated in 1922. 70% of its operational costs are provided from private community funding. It is an open-admission facility in which no animal is turned away. 3,500 cats, 1,200 dogs and 1,000 other critters passed through their new facility in SE Calgary last year.

With a staff of five full-time vets, six full-time health techs and many animal health volunteers, CHS provides 20,100 medical procedures, 2,300 behavioural interventions, 1,300 animal protection investigations and 24,000 pounds of food annually. 20,400 volunteer hours are consumed.

Most of their intake comes from owner-surrendered pets, followed by strays. Seizures, transfers, "returned to shelter" and some wildlife round out their intake. They also provide Pet Safe keeping and emergency board where domestic issues dictate the need for temporary (<21 days) care.

Their usual target is a maximum 14-day stay for animals in their care. Euthanasia is a last resort when other solutions don't exist (adoption, foster families). The euthanasia rate was 16% last year. Calgary Peace Officers are a tremendous resource in animal welfare, seizing 659 animals last year.

Carrie played a wonderful short video showing life within the shelter — a thank you from both staff and volunteers for the excellent support they receive from the community.

Judy Cochran thanked Carrie for her presentation and presented her with our Jubilee Boltman.

  • Judy Cochran, Carrie Fritz, and Ben Kormos Judy Cochran, Carrie Fritz, and Ben Kormos

reported by Les Morgan

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