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September 23, 2019: Catherine Ford, Author, Journalist, Calgary Herald Columnist.       Calgary Herald column

Our guest speaker, Catherine Ford, was introduced by Marlene Doherty.

Catherine Ford has had a 40-year career as a journalist on newspapers across Canada, retiring in 2004 as national columnist for the then-CanWest chain of newspapers based at the Calgary Herald.

Catherine was associate editor of the Calgary Herald for eight years and, prior to that, the paper's editorial-page columnist.

She is the winner of ten Western Ontario Newspaper awards, including the Joan May Trophy for columnists; is a national Media Award winner for the Canadian Association for the Advancement for Women and Sports, and holds an International Fire Fighters' media award.

Her non-fiction book, "Against the Grain: An Irreverent View of Alberta", was published in 2005 to acclaim and a position on the best-seller lists.

In 2005, she was awarded an honourary doctorate from the University of Calgary.

Early in 2019 she was lured back to write a bi-weekly column for the Calgary Herald.

She began by telling us she is a liberal thinker, making a difference in the world. She told us Calgarians complain too easily about taxes, in that we enjoy the fruits of the taxes we pay.

Ms. Ford began with extended use of humour, and said the way to tell who is on the left is that the left looks for the good in people, and the right looks for the bad. She said there are no easy answers, but that we all must pay attention.

She reminded us that the government at any level is ours, regardless of which party is in power. We must vote, and, before we cast our ballot, we need to get the best understanding we can which candidate best represents our values.

She stated women must not accept the vitriol to which they are too often subjected, and none of us can accept the ritual abuse for women in politics. This brought her a strong positive response.

Gordon Cox thanked Ms. Ford, and presented her with our world famous Boltman.

reported by Don Campbell

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