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October 21, 2019: District Governor Christine Rendell, official club visit.       website

President Gerry introduced our DG, Christine Rendell. Christine was born in a small town in Newfoundland. She came west in 1979, and worked for ATB Financial and an oil and gas consulting firm. She and Brian have two sons and a cute as a button granddaughter.

Christine joined Rotary in 1999 to give back to the community. She and Brian both have a long list of accomplishments in Rotary.

Christine had a pre-meeting with our board of directors and started off by thanking them. She also recognized our club’s efforts in the End Polio Now Event.

Christine Rendell speaking at the Rotary Club of Calgary West

Christine has embraced Rotary since joining Calgary East in 1999. She and Brian are both past presidents, they have hosted 9 exchange students and have attended 16 District conferences and 6 international conventions. She proudly announces she is now a “Rotary grandma” as their first exchange student has recently had a baby.

Her Rotary moments are many – too many to fit into her lunchtime talk. She tells of how children come up to police officers who have read to them in the Crime Not to Read program. These are children who come from a culture where police are not to be trusted. The hug wraps around holster, gun, and all. How the tears of joy flow after the completion of a house build in Mexico by the Homes of Hope, and the grandmother expresses her gratitude for such a life changing gift as a new home. How there were life rewards and failures while mentoring a 12-year-old aboriginal girl in the Tom Jackson Stay in School Program for Urban Aboriginals.

Christine is humbled by her role as District Governor as Rotary does so much good in the world. She recognizes it is difficult to grow Rotary and quotes RI President, Mark Maloney. He suggests we increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement, and increase ability to adapt. Rotary is far-reaching and has partnered with the UN, Shelter Box and recently Toast Masters.

At the District level, she sees clubs that are vibrant with care about youth and youth programs. Early Act starts in the elementary schools. Clubs need to collaborate with each other to learn, teach and share best practices. This holds true for collaboration with other service groups as well, especially in smaller outlying areas.

At the recent Zone Conference held in Niagara Falls, our District was recognized for exceptional results in the 2018-2019 year:

  • James Davidson Award – New Club Development
  • Largest Net Gain in Members
  • Highest Per Capita Giving by District - Polio
  • Largest Overall Contribution to Annual Program Fund
  • Highest Per Capita Giving by District to Annual Program Fund #1 in the World!

Four committees were established this year to look at new areas of concern including diversity, equity and inclusion, new clubs, community partnerships and international partnerships.

May 1-3 is DISCON held right here in Calgary with an East Coast Kitchen Party; RI Convention is in Honolulu, June 6-10; and in June 2025 the RI Convention will be held in Calgary.

Questions and Answers

  1. Rotary made a promise to the children of the world to eradicate polio. Yes, there are hold-outs in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but we are not giving up.
  2. The single most important thing for the District is the development of a comprehensive curriculum of learning for all leaders at various levels and roles. The RI Toast Master Partnership is under development.

Gerry presented our Boltman to Christine.

  • Christine Rendell and Gerry Meek Christine Rendell and Gerry Meek

reported by Judy Cochran

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