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August 12, 2019: Craig Button, past GM of the Flames, and TSN Commentator on Hockey.

Introduced by Robyn Braley, Craig was the general manager of the Calgary Flames, and has been very involved in hockey in Canada.

Highlights of the presentation included the following:

  • Canada is the hallmark by which hockey is viewed in the world. Canadians are very proud of hockey and present themselves very professionally in the world hockey circuit.
  • Canada enjoys the respect and admiration of the world for its hockey.
  • Team work is critical to building good teams and to building good communities.
  • The team is bigger than the individual.
  • Every role is important in producing a successful team (just like we do in Rotary, he mentioned).
  • Calgary is an incredible city for its quality of life and community, and is a wonderful place to grow up and to raise children.
  • The giving spirit in this city is exemplary. There are many anonymous donors and philanthropists in Calgary. More than we would ever know.
  • The Calgary Flames is a good team. We do not have fair rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary because the two cities do not have compatible teams.
  • Hockey has changed dramatically over the years. Skill and fan engagement are very prevalent in the current game. The game is more skill-centred and the quality of the playing is vastly improved.
  • The NHL is still the best league for hockey in the world, regardless of the emergence of good players and good teams in Europe.
  • Success in marriage (question asked) is based on good teamwork, partnership, good listening skills, and recognising each other’s skills and strengths.
  • The new arena program for Calgary appears to have a good plan, and only time will tell whether this plan is going to be a success.

Thanking the Speaker, Marvin Pawlivsky mentioned our community service with Motive Action and presented the Boltman to Craig.

  • Craig Button and Marvin Pawlivsky Craig Button and Marvin Pawlivsky
  • Craig Button and Gerry Meek Craig Button and Gerry Meek

reported by Altius

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