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January 06, 2020: Deepak Saini, a Health, Performance and Longevity Coach.

Deepak Saini is a Health, Performance and Longevity Coach. He knows what it is like to have a stressful corporate job, raising a family and trying to do the right things for his health. Eventually suffering from an autoimmune condition and injured back, these two health challenges ultimately became a turning point for him. He overcame those issues as well as his lifelong battle with obesity and brings a unique perspective to working with his clients.

When this father of two is not spending time with his wife and little girls, he is researching and staying at the forefront of emerging and cutting-edge health research. Deepak is also a speaker, course instructor and published writer.

His presentation was a very personal story of how he now makes life choices. He began life as a very success-oriented student. In addition to his successes, he continually put on weight, eating food he would not now choose, and he had several colds and sickness each year.

This pattern of success matched with bad health continued through his university years, and when he found the pattern affecting his work life he began to make new life choices.

He at first identified that his planning was mostly short-term, which proves early rewards. He determined that, for him, long-range planning made much more sense, and so he decided that the rewards of meeting long-term goals were worth waiting for.

He set a personal goal to live in good health past the age of 100. To get started, he began to reduce sugars in his diet, became involved in infra-red light therapy, did meditation, explored the effects of changing elements in his diet, paid more attention to getting sufficient sleep, increased his walking, and does once-a-week cardio exercises.

Deepak made the point that we are all unique, have unique bodies with only some things in common, and that we can research what will work best for us to meet long-term goals.

Deepak was thanked by Darren Grierson, and was presented with our world-famous Boltman.

  • Darren Grierson, Deepak Saini, and Gerry Meek Darren Grierson, Deepak Saini, and Gerry Meek

reported by Don Campbell

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