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January 21, 2019: Special "Robbie Burns Day" programme with Dominik Diamond, of Jack FM

Our speaker was introduced by new member, Bob Pearson, an Englishman introducing a Scot! Here is Dominik Diamond’s bio because his presentation was a lot about his life and how in a humorous way it paralleled the life of Robbie Burns. I cannot begin to chronicle his funny stories, or mimic his Scottish accent, or comment on his leather kilt, but I can repeat from his bio who Dominik is and where his journey has taken him.

Our speaker, Dominik Diamond, is an award-winning radio announcer, TV presenter, newspaper and magazine columnist and author. He found fame as the host of Games Master in the UK in 1991, which harnessed the video games boom to become a UK TV phenomenon with over 3 million viewers over 10 years.

During that time, he became host of Sportscall on BBC Radio, which also ran for 10 years and became the most popular sports phone-in show on UK Radio.

For some bizarre reason, he also became chief columnist for the UK Tabloid newspaper the Daily Star, a post he also held for 10 years. He also wrote columns for some of the UK’s best-known magazines on a varied range of subjects, from his own amateur soccer career to reviewing cigarettes.

After 10 years in England, Dominik returned to Scotland where he continued making radio and TV shows, and was awarded the Scottish Radio Personality of the Year in 2006 for his work launching the XFM Morning Show.

In 2009, he emigrated to Canada for a new life with his wife and three children. But he ended up back in radio and newspapers again, writing a popular column about his new life in Canada for the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

His radio career in Canada has seen him do a morning show in Halifax, Toronto and, most recently, 96.9 Jack FM in Calgary, where most people know him as “that Scottish guy on the radio”.

I made note of this quick quip that Dominik made regarding our meal referring to our noodle lunch dish for Robbie Burns Day as Chinese Haggis! There was also another reference to deep fried coleslaw that I did not get. He was very funny and enjoyable to listen to with his Scottish lilt.

Dominik ended by saying that he is now a Canadian citizen. He is not sure what is in his future, but he is enjoying Alberta – celebrating the differences and diversity, and thanked us for sharing this wonderful country with him.

Dan Pigeon, another new member, thanked our speaker today, but first asked to explain a few words that were hard to understand because of the lilt! Dominik then received our world-famous Boltman.

  • Dan Pigeon, Dominik Diamond, and Tim Anderson Dan Pigeon, Dominik Diamond, and Tim Anderson

reported by Marie Rickard

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