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October 21, 2016: Jeff Gaulin Vice-President Communications, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

Robyn Braley introduced Jeff Gaulin, Vice-President Communications, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). Jeff is responsible for all mainstream media, online media, social media, advertising, public presentations and anything else that relates to communications.

He previously worked with Transalta Utilities, Tervita and Molson's. His diverse experience has prepared him well for the challenging job of sharing the message of the oil and gas industry across Canada and around the world. The complexities of the industry are compounded due to the national and international forces that impact our national economy.

Key Points:

  • Be resourceful with our resources.
  • Oil and natural gas are part of our everyday life.
  • Oil and natural gas create jobs in Canada. Over 2400 companies in Canada work directly for the oil sands.
  • Global energy demand is growing. It is projected to increase 32% by 2040.
  • Change and disruption around the world cause price changes. Price influencers include USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Mexico and China.
  • Our #1 customer is our #1 competitor. USA is now an exporter of oil and gas.
  • The impact of falling oil and gas prices:
    • 110,000 jobs lost to date.
    • A $50 billion loss in capital expenditures - $81 billion in 2014.
    • $60 billion reduction in earnings.
  • Canada imports $17 billion – Canada needs more pipelines.
    • $30 billion investment capital is shovel-ready to invest into pipelines.
      • $6.8 billion – Transmountain.
      • $7.9 billion – Northern Gateway.
      • $15.7 billion – Energy East.
  • 13 oil sands companies have invested $1.3 billion to share in 814 technologies and innovations. Visit to learn more.

Jeff concluded by encouraging us to learn more and say more. Be a part of the conversation.

The thanks of the club were expressed by Alex McFadden, who presented Jeff with his Boltman.

  • Alex McFadden and Jeff Gaulin
    Alex McFadden and Jeff Gaulin

reported by Mike Carlin

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