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October 26, 2020: Karl Ward from Caffe Monté on "The Art and Science of Coffee"     website

Cory introduced our speaker, Karl Ward from Caffe Monté and thanked him for his work to support the Rotary Club of Calgary West in the creation of the subscription coffee program.

Karl has been in the coffee business for seven years and started his roasting operations four years ago and they have now grown to roast 2,000 pounds of coffee every day.

Did you know?

  • Coffee is the seed of a coffee cherry, that grow on coffee trees. Coffee trees take around seven years to bear fruit.
  • Due to the seasonality of coffee, many small hold farmers grow more than just coffee in their fields and will plant other trees and vegetables between the coffee trees.

Karl’s coffee is brewed at 3800 feet here in Calgary, and, due to our elevation and lower air density, coffee develops a cleaner and richer taste than those roasted at sea level.

Caffe Monté buys their coffee directly from small farmers who cultivate coffee from as little as three acres of land. By selling direct, farmers earn more money per pound.

Caffe Monté roasts each bag of coffee to order, unlike the coffee you can find at the grocery store which may be over six months old.

The first 10 Rotarians who subscribe to our coffee fundraiser will be registered for a private tasting at Karl’s’ brand new facility where we’ll be able to see a roast from start to finish, and sample a variety of coffees, including those with a retail price of over $60/lb. Participants will also receive a bonus gift.

For $34, we will deliver two bags of freshly roasted coffee to your door. Go to for details.

reported by Cory Tretiak

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