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July 30, 2018: Ken Uzeloc, Calgary Deputy Fire Chief.     Calgary Fire Department

Our speaker, Deputy Fire Chief Ken Uzeloc was introduced by Karla Tureski, Ken presented an informative PowerPoint exposé of the work of the Calgary Fire Department. He highlights:

  • The CFD is citizen-focused and works on three major areas: fire and emergency response, inspections, and enforcement.
  • Safety Education.
  • They have 1,516 employees, 93% of them are uniformed and 83% are front-line responders.
  • They handled 62,700 calls last year, up 10% from the previous year.
  • They enjoy 100% satisfaction rating and are recognized by Calgarians as being a 100% important city department. They are known for their professionalism and their courtesy.
  • Their home safety programs visited 4,000 homes and checked and replaced 28,000 smoke alarms and 17,000 batteries last year.
  • Their safety education trailer specializes in educating parents and children on fire safety, specifically with disposal of smoking materials, which are a major cause of fires. They have a trailer in the Calgary Public Library from where they read about safety to children.
  • The recent Inglewood condo fire was caused by someone extinguishing a cigarette into a balcony planter.
  • They are actively volunteering in the community with blood donations, stair climbing for fitness, and the pink tee-shirt drive for breast cancer research and developments in the prevention of family violence.
  • Structure to structure fires are becoming more prevalent as the city has developed new communities with homes close to one another.
  • Indoor house fires are predominantly caused by kitchen fires. He recommends people check smoke detectors/smoke alarms monthly and replace smoke detectors every ten years (the CFD does this free of charge!).
  • Opioid concerns are becoming more rampant and the CFD has taken measures to address this growing concern. Their response time to critical medical issues is seven minutes (often sooner than the emergency medical teams can get there).
  • Employment opportunities and a movement towards greater diversity have been active for the CFD in the past few years.
  • There are 42 Stations, and the most recent one at Tuscany NW will be ready soon with a public fitness facility and community meeting room facility available to the public.

The presentation was met with great enthusiasm and several questions were posed to Ken. They included questions on the kind of health hazards firefighters are exposed to; why they are linked with and attend medical emergency situations; the fire smart program with respect to fire pits; etc.

To thank the speaker, Lorenda Stefan did an outstanding job and presented him with our Boltman (with the gold hat).

  • Lorenda Stefan, Ken Uzeloc, and Chris Davis Lorenda Stefan, Ken Uzeloc, and Chris Davis

reported by Altius

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