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March 20, 2017: the Honourable Lois Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.   webpage

The Lt Governor was introduced by Ben Kormos, who highlighted her many accomplishments.

The Hon Lois Mitchell presented a very eloquent speech in a warm Calgary manner, highlighting the following points:

  • She applauded Rotarians for what we do to "give back" to the world, and our dedication to service.
  • She stressed the importance of volunteerism.
  • She reminisced about the 1996 Rotary Convention in Calgary and remembered PDG Gardie Shaw, and his wife Jean.
  • She mentioned the wonderful work with the Rotary Challenger Park.
  • She talked about the 150th anniversary of our nation and the accomplishments and contributions of so many Canadians in improving the world. She named Dr. Ken McPherson for the gas mask; Wilbur Frank for the G-Suit (gravity); George Klein for the first electric wheelchair; Alexander Graham Bell for the telephone; SAIT for training telephone operators during the war, etc.
  • Vimy Ridge was a defining moment for Canada in developing its national identity.
  • She stressed the fact that teams (not necessarily individuals) make a great difference in improving lives. And that is the hallmark of Canadians.
  • She has the greatest admiration for young people who seek to pursue public office.
  • She is not a political individual.

At question time, many interesting questions were asked, and a happy dialogue was developed. It is hoped the Lt Governor may consider becoming a(n honorary) member of our club.

Chris Davis thanked the Lt Governor and recognized her commitment to the arts community in Alberta and especially thanked her for being so "approachable, current and relevant", and for bringing history to the forefront. She was presented with our world famous Boltman.

  • Chris Davis, Lois Mitchell and Terry Felton Chris Davis, Lois Mitchell and Terry Felton
  • reported by Altius

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