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October 15, 2018: Mary Moran, CEO of Calgary's 2026 Olympics Bid Committee     City of Calgary Olympic Bid Webpage

We were treated to a video from 31 years ago, with our own Bill Tapuska as the star. It was the story of the bobsled and luge runs at COP.

It was a great lead-in to our main speaker, introduced by Bill. Mary Moran is the CEO of Calgary's 2026 bid for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Mary is on leave from her role as head of Calgary Economic Development, which she has held since 2015.

There is a plebiscite on November 13, in which Calgarians can vote for or against the bid.

She started by showing us a film promoting the bid that was a collage of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The message was, "Together, let's shape the games".

There are two other competitors left in the bidding for the 2026 Olympics: Stockholm Sweden, and Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. Final bids will be made on January 11, with a decision on June 24.

These Olympics will be double the size of the 1988 games.

Due to the cost of the games, the IOC has announced it requires the facilities to be an integral part of the existing urban city plans. 80% of the facilities must be pre-existing.

Operating costs of $2.23 billion are offset by private contributions of $2.45 billion, generating $220 million for Paralympics.

A detailed budget has been prepared. It has 30-40,000 line items.

Income to fund the games includes:

  • $1.5 billion from the government of Canada
  • $2.2 billion from private investors
  • $750 million from the Province of Alberta (increases debt by <1%)
  • $500 million from the city of Calgary

The impact of the games includes a GDP growth of $2billion, $200million in taxes and 2-3,000 jobs/year for seven years.

The legacy from the event includes two new venues (including a field house that has been unfunded for more than 20 years), 11 renewed venues (including the Saddledome, McMahon Stadium, COP, the Olympic Oval, Nakiska and Canmore), and 2,850 housing units for athletes that will become low cost housing.

The financial risks to hosting the games has been controlled by a $1Billion contingency and insurance.

  • Mary Moran, Tim Anderson, and Jen Brown Mary Moran, Tim Anderson, and Jen Brown (Paralympian)

reported by Duncan Stanners

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