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September 30, 2019: “Powder" Matt Mosteller, adventurer, ski bum, journalist, wild water, grizzly bear fighter…       website

Bob Pearson introduced his long-time friend; "Powder" Matt Mosteller, adventurer, ski bum and journalist, who is senior vice-president of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, and a well-known writer and publisher of a book. He loves what he does and gets paid for it!

Matt’s topic today is “Uncertainty”. Today, we are living with uncertainty in our lives; in our country and in the world. But with uncertainty is the opportunity for challenge. Matt shared his personal story.

Every year, he and his wife challenge each other with uncertainty. This year was Matt’s opportunity to surprise his wife with the challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to add to their experiences, grow in their relationship, and cement their love for each other.

He had a trip in mind but did not tell her. She likes warmth, sunshine and sand, while he prefers snow and winter. Imagine her surprise when they landed in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, in January at -40C with a 70 mile per hour wind!

Once off the plane, they left by car and were dropped off on the Dempster Highway, north of Inuvik to begin their hike to Tuktoyaktuk, a three-week journey through the frozen north with no GPS, very little sunlight and howling wolves. Their experiences included seeing a caribou herd with a pack of wolves surrounding their (the pack's) prey. They were blessed with the ability to adjust to their environment and cherish and share the love they had for each other. Their trek ended with a meeting with a woman from a small village who was out looking for them and took them to her house for warmth and a bowl of soup.

Ken Montgomery expressed the thanks of the club to Matt for giving his presentation, and presented our Boltman, along with advice to the club not to try this adventure with our spouses unless we are contemplating divorce!

  • Matt Mosteller and Ken Montgomery "Powder Matt" Mosteller and Ken Montgomery

reported by Mike Carlin

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