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July 22, 2019: Melody Chardon, Loss and Life Transition Coach.       website

Our guest speaker, Melody Chardon, was introduced by Debbie McMillan.

Melody is a grief and loss specialist, and gave a presentation on grief and loss counselling.

Highlights of the presentation included the following, based on GRIEF as an acronym:

  • Grief does not go away on its own. Nothing can continue for ever, not even grief. One needs to embrace it and deal with it in order to have a fuller life.
  • Replacement: We often mistakenly think we can replace loss with something (or someone) else. This is not always possible.
  • Isolation: We are culturally attuned not to discuss or disclose our distress to others. However, it is helpful to let someone know what you are going through. This has therapeutic value and other benefits.
  • Escape: Don’t think you will free yourself from your grief and loss by going away. Your problems ( baggage) go with you. So, just changing venues, locations, partners, does not necessarily solve the problem.
  • Feelings: We are trained from childhood not to express our feelings the way we should or could. This pent-up feeling then develops into negative energy.

Grief needs to be processed. We need to learn to deal with our feelings and emotions because suppression can lead to depression and even suicide!

Melody’s presentation was concise and well-received. She remained after the meeting for one-on-one questions, and is available to talk to anyone of us that may wish to consult with her.

Sharon Fraiman thanked Melody for her talk, and presented her with our world-famous Boltman.

  • Melody Chardon Melody Chardon
  • Melody Chardon and Sharon Fraiman Melody Chardon and Sharon Fraiman

reported by Don Campbell

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