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August 19, 2016: Patrick Jarvis, Paralympian.

Gail Williams introduced our guest speaker, Patrick Jarvis, who sits on the boards of both the Canadian and International Paralympics Committees.

Patrick lost a hand, and became a Paralympic athlete. His message was focused, and driven home by the use of humour.

His central messages included how to impact others, new challenges are opportunities for new solutions, and it's not what's missing, but what's there.

Paralympics have not always been associated with the Olympics, and when Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, the Paralympics were in Innsbruck, Austria. Now countries bidding to host the Olympics, summer or winter, must include plans and funding for the Special Olympics.

Patrick informed us of the Paralympic Organization's decision to exclude the entire Russian team on the bases of systemic doping. Russia appealed, and the appeal was quashed.

Patrick was thanked by Darren Grierson and was presented with our world famous Boltman.

reported by Don Campbell

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