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August 12, 2016: Rob Meijer of The Canada Beef Association on "Excellence Without Compromise".

Introduced by Bill Quinney, Rob Meijer of The Canada Beef Association spoke to the club of the mission, mandate and function of this not-for-profit association that promotes the Canadian beef industry.

Highlights of his presentation:

  • Bringing the beef farmer in connection with consumer and enlightening the Canadian and international public about Canadian beef and how the beef farmer operates in this vast industry which is part of our Canadian heritage and tradition.
  • Stronger collaboration between the farmer and the value chain.
  • Taking this agri-business to a more businesslike level of enterprise by creating a more visible presence and a brand that represents hard work, diligence, attention to detail, quality, ethical practice, humane treatment of the cows, etc.
  • Creating greater trust and transparency by addressing issues that the public need to know in a progressive manner, which includes issues of treatment of the animals, the medical infusion that is needed; the difference from organic beef; the cooking protocols; the pride and effort that we take to ensure that Canada produces "world class beef".
  • The public relations required to ensure that, when we conduct business with other countries, we are equipped with the information and tools to market our beef more effectively.
  • The fact that we now have a culinary institute that prepares beef for sampling by major trade partners in the "proper" manner when trade delegations come to Canada.
  • That there are fifty markets around the world and we strive to be in the top of the league.
  • We should be able to determine where we wish to market our beef and should be in a strong position where we can elect NOT to market our beef to countries that demonstrate poor human rights practices.

There were several animated questions from Evelyn Buckley, Robyn Braley and Terry Felton. The program was most enlightening and enjoyable.

Clarence Buckley thanked the speaker and presented him with our world-famous Boltman. He also advised us that this is a 25 billion dollar industry and that the average Canadian consumption of beef is 36lbs per person per year, and that we need to eat more beef!

  • Rob Meijer and Clarence Buckley
    Rob Meijer and Clarence Buckley

reported by Altius

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