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November 27, 2017: Roger Chaffin, Chief Constable Calgary Police

Chief Constable Roger Chaffin of The Calgary Police Service was our keynote speaker today. Highlights of his presentation were as follows:

  • Steep increase in crime over the past few years with the economic downturn, including a greater number of break-ins, car thefts, incidents of domestic violence, increase in drug usage and related issues.
  • The use of fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and other opioids has increased by over 600%.
  • The police service together with other agencies are actively seeking sustainable solutions to these problems to prevent unnecessary incarceration when, instead, therapy may have long-term benefits.
  • Other emerging issues include a threat of terrorism where sources and causes are often unknown and unconnected to major rings, but committed independently. The CPS is trying to understand this element and is learning to train for it with different methods.
  • Legalization of marijuana usage will provide a new set of challenges not yet completely understood.
  • Major impediments to the CPS are the budget cuts that will impact the effectiveness of the force, which is currently stretched quite thinly and can use all the resources they have in order to combat the growing needs of this city.

Many questions were asked about such items as handguns, other firearms, the change of the colour of police vehicles, satellite offices and the marijuana issue.

Alex McFadden thanked the Chief on behalf of the club and presented him with a jubilee edition of our Boltman.

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