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September 10, 2018: Sandip Lalli, President & CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce     Calgary Chamber

Linda Anderson, one of our newest members, introduced our guest speaker, Sandip Lalli. Sandip holds a doctorate in business administration, an MBA and is a CPA! She is a mom with a six-year old child, and a husband. A highly accomplished lady!

Sandip gave us an overview of the 127-year history of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and pointed out that there are cultural overlaps with the Chamber and with Rotary in that both organizations exist to serve and have can-do attitudes. She went on to describe the Chamber’s many projects and advocacy for commerce and free markets in general.

Sandip extolled the many virtues of Calgary’s business people and told us that Calgary has the highest concentration of people with STEM degrees: that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Sandip next showed us a video of the Chamber’s new purpose to go public on September 13. The motto of the project is to “Nourish, Inspire and Power the World”. Also, “Think and feel growth”.

At the conclusion of her talk, Chris Ritter thanked her and gave her our world-famous Boltman.

reported by Larry Doyle

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