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May 6, 2019: Stephanie Ralph, Calgary Meals on Wheels       webpage

Bill Quinney introduced our guest speaker, Stephanie Ralph, who is the marketing manager for Meals on Wheels.

Stephanie told us that Meals on Wheels is about to launch a new marketing campaign with the slogan "When you've got a lot on your plate, let us do the cooking". MOW has the capacity to produce over 5,000 meals a day. Although most of their clients are seniors, the disabled and mentally ill, they will provide food to whomever needs it.

A video with a message from staff was shown.

Calgary Meals on Wheels was started by the United Church in 1965, with eight clients. Their mission: "To build a stronger, caring community, Calgary Meals on Wheels promotes health and independence by providing quality, nutritious and affordable meals to people in need of our services." Their vision: "Offer nutrition and caring support to Calgarians."

Meals on Wheels is not selling meals, they are selling freedom, independence and dignity.

After eight years of fundraising, MOW moved to new facilities in the SE industrial park in 2013. The 15,000 sq ft facility has room for storage, preparation and packaging. The standard daily meal is called "Our chef's daily special". They also do custom meals and hot soup for school lunches. In 2018, they prepared 668,000 meals for 1,558 clients. They also serve the small communities close to Calgary.

Their service is more than just meals. They provide holiday and birthday presents, flowers and cards from school children to their clients.

The food is "soooo good"; not your standard hospital fare. They are introducing breakfast. Orders can be placed on-line. They always welcome new volunteers. Food delivery happens Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 1:00. They are flexible to accept volunteers who work once/week, once/month, or any time. The Adopt a Route program allows volunteers to share a route. They also need volunteers for some office work and fundraising.

They need to raise $1.1 million in 2019 to meet their needs.

The MOW team is tight, having fun while getting the work done. They have special events in the community like Time for Turkeys, Great Pie Chuck and Chomp, YYC Pizza Week, YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and Cookie Kitchen.

Their future objectives:

  1. Create exceptional food and service.
  2. Be the best place to work.
  3. Refresh the brand.
  4. Build for the future.

2019 Goals:

  1. Introduce breakfast option.
  2. Update routes.
  3. Revamp the brand with a six-month campaign.

Kurt Schurer thanked Stephanie, and presented her with our world-famous Boltman. Bill Quinney presented her with a cheque for $10,000.

  • Kurt Schurer, Stephanie Ralph, Bill Quinney, and Tim Anderson Kurt Schurer, Stephanie Ralph, Bill Quinney, and Tim Anderson

reported by Duncan Stanners

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