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January 15, 2018: Sundae Nordin, CEO of Community Kitchens

Bill Lawless introduced our first guest speaker, Sundae Nordin, CEO of Community Kitchens. More to follow on Calgary West sponsorship of this project through the Local Community Services Committee. Sundae was born in Calgary and has three children. She has been with Community Kitchens for six years now.

Something we would never know about Sundae: she won the World Arm Wrestling Championship in Mexico City with her right hand and was placed second using her left hand. Her words: "She may be small, but she is tough!"

Community Kitchens has been in existence for 26 years. It started in the basement of Marilyn Gunn's home who had a vision to help individuals, families and communities reduce hunger. She started Calgary's Cooking which helped people's budget, flyer shop to save money and create delicious and nutritious meals at $2.61 per person per meal.

The goal is to teach and equip those with food insecurity by giving them a helping hand up, not just a hand out. To achieve this goal Community Kitchens has expanded to now include four other programs. Last year, 174,944 clients were served, including adults, children, and seniors – a far reaching impact.

  • The Good Food Box allows the clients to purchase fresh produce at the lowest cost possible – 2,071 boxes last year. We are all aware of the high cost of fruits and vegetables at our local grocery store.
  • Souper Stars is a program designed for kids in Grade 4-6: a 10-week program in the school that teaches nutrition, healthy living, and etiquette to help build self-esteem. Healthy snacks are provided at the end of every class.
  • Tummy Tamers is a summer program run in conjunction with the City of Calgary. During the summer months the usual food programs run through the school year disappear. Healthy meals and snacks are delivered to the city's day programs. Last year 11,375 such meals were delivered.
  • Spinz-A-Round rescues food from local grocers and the Calgary Food Bank that might otherwise have been discarded. Social workers are welcome to pick up this food to help their struggling clients.
  • Sundae went on to thank the Rotarians for providing Community Kitchens with a 3-ton refrigerated truck. This was made possible by donations from Calgary West and Calgary South and a District grant. Also, a donation from Enterprise. The truck is needed to deliver the Good Food Boxes. The truck will display Rotary signage.

    Next, we saw a short video produced by Dan Clapson from Globe and Mail. We saw how Community Kitchens is "Taking a Bite Out of Hunger" to help those in our community during this tough economic downturn.

    Bryden Horwood was the thanker and presented Sundae with our Boltman.

    • Bryden Horwood, Sundae Nordin, and Ben Kormos Bryden Horwood, Sundae Nordin, and Ben Kormos
    • Bryden Horwood, Sundae Nordin, and Ben Kormos Bryden Horwood, Sundae Nordin, and Ben Kormos

    reported by Judy Cochran

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