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January 13, 2020: Vicki Vause, "Never Too Late"

Our guest speaker, Vicki Vause, was introduced by Gail Williams. Vicki is a graduate of Never Too Late, and described her journey in not only acquiring her GED, but her progress towards her BA.

In earlier years, Vicki aspired to be a lawyer, but difficult circumstances precluded her pursuing her education. In early 2018, Vicki learned about Never Too Late and its provision of support for adults seeking a GED. Now, with her GED in hand, and a Calgary West Rotary scholarship on her graduation, she is in her 3rd semester with a 3.13 GPA, pursuing her BA from U of C.

Vicki is looking forward to entering the world of social work on her graduation. Her education, and the support provided by Never Too Late, have totally changed her life, opening new perspectives on the world and on society and gaining the proud recognition in her achievements from her adult son.

Vicki expressed her appreciation of the life changing opportunities provided, via Never Too Late and other organizations, such as RCCW.

Marlene thanked Vicki for the heartfelt stories of her personal journey and presented her with a Boltman

  • Gail Williams, Vicki Vause, and Marlene Doherty Gail Williams, Vicki Vause, and Marlene Doherty
  • Vicki Vause and Marlene Doherty

reported by Les Morgan

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