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May 13, 2019: A presentation from YEX Students: Lisa from Finland, Laura from Brazil, and Enya from Germany. YEX 5360 webpage

Our three YEX students, Lisa (Finland), Laura (Brazil) and Enya (Germany) joined together at the podium to describe their Canadian experiences. Before beginning their stories, they invited us all to an international dinner they are hosting in Okotoks on June 15. The evening, in support of Shelter Box, includes dinner, a talent show and a silent auction.

The three students did an excellent job, showing humour, insight and openness about their experiences here. They obviously had different reasons for electing to come to Canada, had different interests while here, enjoyed different activities and missed different things from home (particularly favourite foods) and warm weather (Laura!).

Highlights included the openness of Canadians and the landscape, a feeling of safety, the mountains and skiing, volunteering with their Rotary clubs and friendships made.

Lowlights included the climate (too cold), homelessness on the streets, handshakes (prefer to hug) and, perhaps unanticipated, the height of cubicle stall doors and the width of the gap in their doors!

They take home with them their memories, their own personal growth, a greater feeling of independence – and much better English.

They all intend to be an ongoing part of Rotary back in their home countries. As they thanked us for the opportunity, we thanked them for their terrific presentation and feedback.

A Boltman was presented to them, leaving them to decide how best to share (or perhaps two more will be provided?).

  • Mel Warman and Tim Anderson with Laura, Enya, and Lisa Mel Warman and Tim Anderson with Laura, Enya, and Lisa

reported by Les Morgan

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