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Adventures in Citizenship

May 28/18: Emily Jung Presentation

Emily described her five-day "Adventures in Citizenship" trip to Ottawa. There were 200 students from across Canada.

  • Day 1 – She was met by host parents, and roomed with a student from Grande Prairie.
  • Day 2 – She met other students, toured museums, a camp in Quebec and enjoyed a traditional French evening meal.
  • Day 3 – Toured Parliament, sat in the House of Commons, addressed by the Speaker of the House, watched a talent show in the evening.
  • Day 4 – Toured University of Ottawa, the Indigenous Centre and the Aboriginal Rights Coalition.
  • Day 5 – Attended a Citizenship Ceremony, which made her really proud to be a Canadian. Goodbye to Rotarian hosts. An emotional day!

reported in the Weekly Westerner bulletin by Bill Tapuska

  • Emily Jung with Judy Cochran Emily Jung with Judy Cochran