Emma Raleigh-Smith YEX 2018-19 Outbound

July 9/18: At the Club's Stampede Yahoo meeting Don Campbell officiated a “White Hatting Ceremony” to Emma, wishing her a wonderful year of new experiences and learnings.

  • Emma Raleigh-Smith and Don Campbell
  • Emma Raleigh-Smith and Don Campbell

May 28/18: Emma presented a slide show at our meeting as reported in the Weekly Westerner bulletin by Bill Tapuska.

She will stay with Rotarians in Santa Anastasia. Her goals are:

  • to be mistaken for a native Portuguese
  • to make lifelong friends
  • to travel to a world famous national park
  • to learn to samba

Emma gave an excellent presentation.

She will be a great representative from our two clubs: Fish Creek and Calgary West.

  • Judy Cochran and Emma Raleigh-Smith Judy Cochran and Emma Raleigh-Smith

Emma is a Grade 12 student at Bishop Carroll High School. She likes science and plans to pursue her love of science at university, but, in the meantime, she will go on a Rotary Youth Exchange for a year. She stated that she will be a good ambassador for Canada and Rotary and that she is excited about learning a new culture and a new language.

Emma Raleigh-Smith
Emma Raleigh-Smith and Ben Kormos at the December 11/17 meeting