Hannah Shafiei YEX 2016 Outbound to Italy

Hannah's Reports

Hannah Shafiei July 22/16: Hannah's Presentation to the Club

Marie Rickard introduced our guest speaker, Hannah Shafiei, whom she described as a bright, intelligent young woman, who loves seeking adventure and, as our outgoing exchange student, is now leaving for Lake Como in Italy.

Hannah is 16 years old, born in Ontario, and is in Grade 11 in Calgary. She speaks English, French and Farsi and has a goal of being fluent in 10 languages by the time she turns 40. She is a musician (in a wide variety of instruments) and loves wrestling and technology. She enjoys learning new cultures, tasting new foods and seeking new adventures. Her career ambition is to be a vet or, failing that, to become a lawyer! Hannah has family connections across the world and her biggest influencers have been her grandma and her parents.

Hannah Shafiei Hannah presented a slide show of family, Canadian scenes and Canadian facts. She is definitely looking forward to her Italian experience and, with her bright, bubbly personality, she is sure to have a memorable experience. At the request of club members, Hannah promised to keep us up to date on her year in Italy.

Karl Herzog thanked Hannah for her entertaining presentation, saying it reminded us of what it was like to be young. He stated we look forward to following her adventures, and presented her with our Boltman. reported in the Weekly Westerner bulletin by Les Morgan

Hannah Shafiei
at the March 11/16 meeting
Hannah Shafiei
at the January 29/16 meeting