Lorenzo "Lori" Mattei YEX 2016 Inbound from Italy

Lori Mattei will be invited to speak on a weekly basis to let the club know all about the goings on in his world.

July 10/17: Saying Goodbye

Lori Mattei presented a very touching closing report on his wonderful year with us from Milan, Italy. He highlighted his experiences, thanked his host families and the whole club for a world of experience gained in this one year. Lori leaves next week. He ended by saying, "Don't cry because it is over: smile because it happened."

Ben Kormos, Lori Mattei, and Mike Carlin

He was white hatted by Mike Carlin with the Rotary Calgary West white hat ceremony.

  • Lori Mattei and Mike Carlin
  • Lori Mattei and Mike Carlin

June 5/17:

Lori Mattei made a passionate speech about his year away from Italy. Lori leaves in July. During his time with us he has stayed with Val and Don Campbell, Linda and Steve Strang, Marlene and Dan Doherty and now Darren Grierson. Lori ended by saying, "It is not a year in a life for me, but a life in a year."

  • Terry Felton, Steve Strange, and Lori Mattei
  • Terry Felton, Steve Strange, and Lori Mattei

May 15/17:

A reminder from Lori about the upcoming YEX International Dinner raising funds for Shelterbox. The cost of the event is $50 and desserts will be featured from the countries of our YEX students. Lori is moving on to Darren Grierson's house today and Marlene and Dan Doherty say they will miss hosting him.

April 24/17:

Lori Mattei invited us all to the Youth Exchange Dinner on June 3 at MacDougall United Church. This event will help support ShelterBox. The meal is prepared by a chef, but the students are preparing the traditional desserts native to their home countries. Look for Lori's tiramisu before it is gone! Lori is also asking for donations of silent auction items or money to purchase items. On another note, Lori can graduate from Western Canada High this year. Congrats!!!!

April 2017:   Written Report

February 27/17:

Lori was congratulated by President Terry for winning the Best Sportsmanship Trophy at the District Curling Bonspiel. Dan Doherty told us a little bit about the weekend of curling. No trophy for Calgary West Rotary Club this year. A few wins, a few losses, but fun was had by all who participated.

December 23/16:

Due to the efforts of Lawrence King and Steve Strang, Lori Mattei was presented with:
  1. an "authentic Canadian Football League football" signed by all the 2016 Stampeders;
  2. a special platinum ball, which is only presented for a "significant event" (and only three have been presented this year);
  3. a Stampeder shirt.
  • Terry Felton, Steve Strange, and Lori Mattei
  • Terry Felton, Lawrence King, Steve Strange, and Lori Mattei
  • Lawrence King and Lori Mattei

December 16/16:

Lori helped deliver Christmas wreaths, attended a Christmas party, saw his first real live reindeer and 'retired' from school for the winter break.

December 9/16:

Lori gave us an overview of his weekly experiences, including his attempt at curling. He also introduced two of his fellow exchange students; Paulo from Spain and Clair from Taiwan. The students raised $2350 to help with Honduras.

December 2/16:

President Terry commented on the skiing prowess of Lori during a recent outing with him.

November 25/16:

Lori feels he is a lucky charm for the Stamps, and if he could go to Toronto he would assure a win for the Stamps at the Grey Cup. He also saw a Flames game and a rare Calgary win. (Did I say that out loud?!) He attended the horse races at the Kings and the Shelter Box fundraiser at Mike and Maggie's home. He had a football meeting and saw his mates. He was out for a Japanese dinner at another YEX student's host home.

Oh yes, school — exams last week.

November 4/16: Welcome to Calgary

Don Campbell presented our exchange student, Lori Mattei, with a "white" hat (excluding the standard ceremony) complete with many Rotary pins. It almost fits, and, no doubt he will wear it on special occasions.

Lori Mattei and Don Campbell

reported in the Weekly Westerner bulletin by Larry Doyle

October 14/16: Presentation

Lori gave us an overview of Italy and his life there before becoming an exchange student with us.

Italy is a constitutional democracy on the periphery of the northern Mediterranean Sea. Rome is its capital and Lori comes from Milano (Milan). Milan is a metropolis in Italy's northern Lombardy region, a global capital of fashion and design, as well as being a financial centre and home to La Scala, the world famous opera house.

Lori is a ski racer and apparently of some ability judging from the pictures he showed. He is also a hiker and a golfer, and likes reading historical, crime and fantasy novels, as well as going out with friends and travelling. If you are going golfing or skiing, I'm sure the Lori would appreciate an invitation to join you.

Lori's first month in Calgary had him travel to COP, Banff and the Lobster Fest, which was his first experience in eating lobster. Apparently he loved it! I didn't have the heart to tell him that lobsters are nothing more than big water bugs!

He also attended the exchange student orientation in Chestermere, where he met his 15 or so compatriots, this year's Peace Park Assembly in Montana, and he also joined the football team at the high school he is attending. It looks like he is well launched on a fantastic year.

reported in the Weekly Westerner bulletin by Larry Doyle

Lori Mattei

August 26/16: Welcome to Calgary

Don Campbell introduced Lori Mattei, our new exchange student. Lori thanked the club for the amazing opportunity being offered to him and the gracious welcome he received upon arrival.

As a happy aside, none of Lori's family or friends were affected by the recent earthquake in Italy.

Lori Mattei and Don Campbell

reported in the Weekly Westerner bulletin by Larry Doyle