Community Lead, Anti-Racism Program Team, The City of Calgary. "The Shared Path Forward"
Feb 07, 2022 12:00 PM
Lorelei Higgins
Community Lead, Anti-Racism Program Team, The City of Calgary. "The Shared Path Forward"


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Lorelei Higgins is a Métis Canadian Cultural Mediator, a Rotary Peace Fellow and Positive Peace  Activator as well as a Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Program alumna. She has worked on  community-based projects locally and internationally with government agencies, non-government  organizations and the business sector. These projects have centred on peace and conflict  transformation, Indigenous matters and the elevation of female voices in leadership. Lorelei has worked  across the globe in communities in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.  

Lorelei is the Community Lead for the City of Calgary’s Anti-Racism Program and  is working to advance The City of Calgary’s commitments to Truth and Reconciliation. 

Lorelei has an MBA, with a specialization in leadership, and she facilitates asset-based community  development sessions utilizing an appreciative inquiry lens. Lorelei is also a consultant with Mediators  Beyond Borders International. 

Lorelei is passionate about creating bold, open spaces for building peace through cross-cultural learning  and the establishment and nurturing of enduring, positive relationships. As Mrs Canada 2021 and a  Women in Need Foundation Ambassador, Lorelei is leading efforts to increase female leadership in  peacebuilding efforts locally and globally. 

She is often found adventuring around the world with her family.