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The Weekly Westerner 55.17
Box 4572, Station C, Calgary, Alberta T2T 5N3
Grey Eagle Hotel, 3777 Grey Eagle Drive (Corner of 37 St SW and Glenmore Drive)
Mondays 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm
President: Marlene Doherty President-Elect: Linda Anderson 
Past President: Bill Fitzsimmons
Secretary: Gail Williams Treasurer: Don Edie
Directors: Judy Cochran, Gord Cox, Terry Felton, Barb Hames,
Les Morgan, Drew Turnbull
Together We Are People of Action - Building Community
November 29, 2021  Edition: 55.17 Reporter: Chris Davis Editor: Marlene Doherty
RCCW Hybrid Meeting
President Marlene Doherty welcomed all to this hybrid meeting.  Approximately 26 persons met in person at our home club location, the Grey Eagle Hotel on the Tsuut'ina First Nation reservation.  Approximately 18 persons joined 'virtually'.
The meeting was called to order by President Marlene Doherty just prior to Noon with a traditional land acknowledgement and recognition of our presence on the historic lands of the Treaty 7 Nations and home of the Metis Region 3.  Our national anthem followed.
Visitors and guests, all present at The Grey Eagle, were introduced by David Wartman and included Jim Giroux (from Auction Depot, more below), Khor Top and Eva Friesen and Tim Fox, both from the Calgary Foundation (Eva's the CEO and Tim is their VP  of Indigenous Relations). Dilpriya Mangat advised that there were no further "virtual" guests.
There was no guest speaker today, as we heard about R.I. Foundation matters (it being Foundation month), about Club activity, our many Paul Harris presentations and finally from our Local and International Service Committees
Ken Montgomery introduced Jim Giroux, with Auction Depot, a crucial player in our recent eclectic online auction.  While club members, including Gord Cox, did the co-ordination and research, Jim and his company went "above and beyond" by assisting on warehousing, cataloguing, preparing a promotional flyer, etc. He promoted our auction to his 4500 clients as well.  Our auction netted $5670 and Auction Depot finished the entire process and had a cheque to us within 5 days of the auction's close.  Auction Depot – a community based and community supportive local company!

November is Rotary International Foundation Month

District Organization Chart | Rotary 5360
President Marlene introduced Mike Carlin, who said that much of what was discussed in November was all about bringing the Foundation closer to our Club.  Our Citizenship Award program (more later) was part of this initiative.  Not only will we hear about our first Calgary West Citizenship Award winner shortly, but we will have 2 more candidates in the spring.
Calgary West members have given over $1.0 million to the R.I. Foundation and over $915K to the local Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation (our goal is to increase that number to $1M).  The CRCF distributes fund accumulations to the Calgary clubs each year, in proportion to their respective holdings.  Last year RCCW received $37K.  For every $1000 gifted to the R.I. Foundation, half goes to international projects but half comes back to the district.  Each club has members on the Calgary R.C. Foundation board. RCCW’s current members are Gail Williams and Garfield.
We recognized a number of members of our Club who have been donors not only this year but routinely.  Tuesday November 30th is promoted as "Giving Tuesday" (for whatever you have left over after Black Friday and Cyber Monday!).
Gail Williams and Garfield recognized 4 members as multi-Paul Harris award recipients:  Bernie Ward (+4; 30 years a member of our Club and prior to in Winnipeg where he was a club president); Judy Cochran (+5; 7th year with Calgary West); David Wartman (+7; 3rd year with Calgary West and 37 years in Rotary); and Bill Lawless (+8; 17 years and 10 months with Calgary West).
13 members of Calgary West contributed to the Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation (between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021) including Holland Berry, Gord Cox, Sadaat Keshavjee, Gerry Meek, Joe Klassen, Les Morgan, Garfield Ganong, Debbie McMillan, Gordon Rodrigues, Dilpriya Mangat, Steve Strang, Gail Williams and David Watson. Each of the 13 was a CRCF pin recipient.
Major donors:  Level 1, Clarence Buckley, Evelyn Buckley, Bryden Horwood, Saadat Keshavjee, Rob Rakochey, Duncan Stanners and Gail Williams. Level 3, Dan & Marlene Doherty and Level 4, Mike French and Maggie Julian.
Bequest society: Level 1, Steve and Marie Rickard and Gail Williams.
Citizenship Award
Past District Governor and Club champion Dan Doherty presented in person our first Club "Citizenship Award" to Tim Fox.  This award is an initiative of our Club's Foundation committee.  Dan has known Tim for over 10 years, starting with Tim's involvement with the Boys & Girls Clubs.  Tim has participated and lead several of our joint "Homes of Hope / Casa de Ésperanza" projects in Tijuana, MX.  Tim is currently the V.P. of Indigenous Programs with the Calgary Foundation!
Local Community Service Committee
Kurt Schurer provided an update to the Club where our dollars are being spent on local service projects. 
  • In July, Chris Ritter brought forward a local hockey skills competition.  They were looking for a $3000 grant for equipment and are still looking for volunteers.
  • In August, Terry Felton promoted a project "I Can for Kids" which involved fruit sales.  They were looking for $3000 as well.  This project has been delayed until 2022.
  • In September, Bill Lawless championed a donation of up to $5000 for Community Kitchens.  This organization is in need of a new refrigerated van and we would partner with other clubs to make a deposit on this purchase.
  • In November, Marie Rickard brought forward a proposal to support "Meals on Wheels" of up to $10K.
  • We had 3 weeks of giving that became 4 weeks of giving!  Suggested charities included Fresh Start Addictions Recovery (deferred), Alpha House, Women in Need (WIN), Afghan refugees (winter clothing) and Rocky view Hospital Geriatric Clinic and Units 57 & 58.
  • Donations to any of the above to the Club or directly to Kurt at his office on Horton Road SW.
International Service Committee
Steve Rickard made a brief presentation about the International Service Committee (ISC) and reminded us of their objectives, budget and proposed projects that are being supported by our Club:
1) International Service is the counterpart to Local Community Service and looks for international projects.
2) The 2021 budget was about $28,000 which was brought about by our club's diligent efforts in fundraising.
3) The ISC recommended to the Board that a significant portion of the budget be allocated to five projects.
4) Another call for projects after Christmas is expected to bring in more funding proposals and will exhaust the ISC budget.
5) Three of the approved projects involved Global Grants.  These grants involve fund leverage, multiple clubs over multiple years and can be time consuming research exercises. Examples of our initial recommendations including a project in Belize, Days for Girls (Dominican Republic) and in Uganda.
6) The other two projects (Hawkers Market and Vera's Reading Program) are non Global Grants, meaning less paperwork. Saadat Keshavjee can provide more information on the Hawkers Market.
7) On behalf of the committee, we are grateful for the opportunity to work on these international projects which are funded by the hard work of our club members.
Vivian Jones provided some additional information on Vera's Reading Program.  Some club members may recall Vera Goodman presenting at our club more than a decade ago on a local reading program.  Vera is a retired teacher and school administrator who has a passion for teaching young people to read and learn.  This latest project is in Gambela, Ethiopia.  About 100 students graduated from the latest program, which involves "story circles".
Rotary Foundation Donations:
Donations can be made to either/both the foundations as indicated below:
  • By cheque: cheque donations should be given to Gail at the December 13th meeting or delivered to her home by the 15th so that the paperwork can be completed and sent off by courier on the 17th.  Mail is typically very slow in December due to the Holiday Season and we don’t want donations tied up in the mail.
  • By telephone: members can call toll-free 1-866-976-8279 and pay by credit card. Don’t leave it until the last week of Christmas. 
  • Online: log into  Use the Donate button and simply follow the directions.  Payment is made by credit card.  Do this before the last week of December.
  • By cheque: cheque donations should be given to Gail at or before the December 13th meeting or delivered to her home by the 15th so that the paperwork can be completed, and all is in the mail by the 17th.  Mail is typically very slow in December due to the Holiday Season, and we don’t want donations tied up in the mail.
  • Online: log into .  Follow the directions to contribute.  Payment is by credit card and processed through Canada Helps which will take a fee for their services out of your donation amount.  Ensure that you indicate Rotary Club of Calgary West in the message box so that our club is credited with the donation.  Make the donation before the last week of December.
 Gail’s address: 219 Point McKay Terrace NW T3B 5B6    (403) 270-2768
 Bequest Society members:
Individuals who commit $10,000 or more to the Rotary Foundation Endowment Fund via estate plans.
 Anyone who informs the Foundation in writing that s/he has made a provision in their will, or other estate plan, naming the Foundation’s Endowment Fund (formerly known as the Permanent Fund) as a beneficiary.
  1. Garfield Ganong.  On December 16th between 1 and 4 pm we have a few remaining spots at Chinook Mall for Salvation Army kettles.  Go on the website to sign up.
  2. Barbie Hames (wearing her Christmas antlers) reminded us that our Rotary Christmas Brunch will be at Pinebrook Golf and Country Club on Dec 12 starting at 11 am. It will include the usual amazing buffet menu. Buy your tickets online and no later than December 5th.  Adults $55.00 and Children (12 and under) $25.  Entertainment to follow the meal!  It is a wonderful and delicious event to get you in the Christmas Spirit!
  3. Barbie Hames (again!) is helping to organize a Scottish New Year's gathering on January 2nd at the Rose & Crown on 16th Avenue and 4th Street SW, between 2:30 and 5:30 pm.  Jugs of beer will be $5 (!) and that should attract all the thrifty Scots for sure!
  4. Sadaat Keshavjee spoke further about November being Foundation Month, with the catch phrase "when you give, you get".  He spoke of a program in Sharifa, Kenya where they sew face masks and kitchen aprons.  We are looking to help them buy more sewing equipment.  Mike Carlin helped auction off some of four of the cloth bags and kitchen aprons to raise funds.  Winning donors included Sadaat, David Wartman, Gail and Garfield.
  5. Linda Anderson reminds us that we would like to make a Club gift to Alpha House, but in the form of a single cheque.  Donors should make their donations (online or cheques) to "Calgary West Rotary".
  6. Linda also needs to populate her Club board in 2022-23.  A nominating committee consisting of Tazim, Steve Rickard, Bill Quinney and Linda has been struck.  Monday December 6th is the deadline to submit your name if you are interested in serving on the Club's board during Linda's year!
President Marlene’s Thank you!
Greeters – David Wartman (live) & Dilpriya Mangat (virtual)
Zoom and AV/Tech – Gord Cox and Malcolm Harrison
Speaker – Intro – N/A – Thank you – N/A
Meeting Arrangement & Support – Gord Cox, Steve Kuiack and Barbie Hames
Thank you to all members for adhering to the current AHS guidelines as we host in person events.
President Marlene’s Acknowledgements!
Building Community – Thank you to our Foundation Committee for an excellent month of Foundation presentations. We are extremely grateful for your commitment and dedication. Chair- Garfield and committee members Gail, Saadat, Mike, Joe, David Watson and Bill T.
The Video of the Four Way Test followed, and the meeting was adjourned.
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