Contact: Don Edie
Calgary West

Calgary West MOVE FOR POLIO 2022

Just a few quick updates:

  • July 1/22- DG Steve Leavitt, The Raymond Rotary Club, U of Lethbridge Rotaracts & the Doherty’s participated in the Raymond Canada Day Parade to kick off MFP 2022. Check out the photo at Raise for Rotary !
  • July 8/22- RI President Jennifer Jones and DG Steve Leavitt kicked off Move for Polio at Rotary Challenger Park with the Umoja, Komcan & Rotary communities

We have TWO OBJECTIVES  for our MFP initiative:

  1. Raise funds for Polio Plus
  • Please encourage all donations to be made through Raise for Rotary.
  • Tax receipts will be issued for 100% of the donation and Rotarians will receive points and club credit
  • Non- Rotarians can also donate . If they have previously donated their donation & points will be credited to your club. If they have not previously donated a donation form can be submitted.
  • Please encourage lump sum donations vs. per km .
  1. Move for your Physical and Mental Health wellness
  • Members are encouraged to track their km’s on a weekly basis. Steps can be converted to km’s and mental health activities ( reading, painting, fishing, time with grandkids etc. 15 minutes = 1 km)

The intent is to create some “friendly Rotary competition” regarding our donations and km’s.


Click  on the link which will open Excel program in an internet browser window (you do no need Excel on your computer). 

Finds our Club Name on the  tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet

Enter your name and then add their Kms for the week in the appropriate column.

There are automatic totals at the bottom of each page to track the Club’s progress.

You will receive a reminder to please update your km's every two weeks for the weekly digest publications on the following dates:

July 13 & 27/22

August 10 & 24/22

Sept. 14 & 28/22

Oct. 12 & 26/22

With thanks,

Don Edie

Calgary West Club Champion