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At our February 27/17 meeting Jim Barnes reported that "we received a thank you card from Mount Royal University for our scholarship donation for the Department of Child Studies and Social Work."

Andrew Bitcon and Karl Herzog
February 26, 2016 Andrew Bitcon presented a cheque for $3000 for scholarships at Motive Action

[at the March 13, 2015 meeting as reported by Brent Barootes] Graduate and RCCW scholarship recipient of the "Never Too Late" program, Lynda [an alias], spoke to the Club:

Lynda then took the microphone. The evening before she had not only achieved the amazing pinnacle of graduating and earning her GED after five hard months of studying, tutoring, and classes, all on top of raising four children aged four to 14, working a full-time job and maintaining a relationship with her supportive fiancé, she was also awarded the RCCW scholarship.

As she took the mike, she started out to say, "I discovered last night I am a crier". And with great reason! Her accomplishments are emotional, highs and lows, amazing and worth crying over, of which everyone else at the podium including the other two speakers, President-elect Gail and thanker Lori, all came to tears.

Lynda is the first in her family to earn a GED. As she noted she is very, very proud of her parents and ancestors, who worked hard and provided a life for her, but none had graduated from high school. All worked in the service industry and had to go to work to survive and school was not possible, not even to finish grade 12.

Lynda was married young at 19. She did not finish high school. She became a stay-at-home mom, where she found that she threw great parties for her kids. That led her into a career in the event management industry for galas, and such, which led her to the non-profit industry where she could show her event management talent. She was successful, but, without grade 12, she really could not progress.

Then, someone told her about the Never Too Late program and encouraged her to enrol. She said she did so, not really thinking about it, just doing it. On top of an already busy and hectic life, she just took this on without thinking about it. No thought about the extra two nights a week in class, the required homework and learning outside class, the need for tutoring. She just DID IT!

Then, she said, when she was filling out the RCCW scholarship application (so she could apply and possibly win to provide her with funds to further her education and take her realtor's course) it dawned on her what she had accomplished.

Then, on March 12, she graduated with her GED. That night our own President-elect Gail Williams was at that graduation to award one of those 17 graduates a scholarship, and when she announced Lynda's name there was emotion like never before.

As Lynda described the moment to our club, she again became emotional. She spoke of the future she has been offered thanks to the Never Too Late program and our scholarship going forward. She spoke of the support of her kids (including her 14 year old son who helped her with her math fractions and tutored her; and her fiancé who carried the child workload (meals and shuffling to hockey and dance and such)). An amazing story and a great program for our club to make an impact on the lives of those in our community.

[at the January 10, 2014 meeting] David Marshall read a thank you letter from scholarship recipient Cristina Lanz:

"My name is Cristina Lanz and this year I was the recipient of the E. R. Jo Johanson Memorial Scholarship. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your donation. Thanks to your kindness, I was able to pay a large amount of my tuition and I cannot thank you enough! I am a student in my 2nd and final year of my theatre performance (acting) diploma and I feel happy and blessed to come to school every day to do the work that I love with my amazing peers, who are like family, and some wonderful professors.

Outside of acting, I also sing and play classical piano! Next year I plan to go to the University of Toronto to pursue a career in operatic performances and, thanks to your scholarship, I've been able to save my funds to put towards my music degree. I am extremely excited to embark on a career in performance, whether it be in music, theatre, or both, and I am so grateful for people like you who support me in this journey and make it possible for me to pursue. I thank you with all my heart! Much thanks and best regards."

[at the October 4, 2013 meeting] President Duncan read out a note of thanks from Ryan Boruta who is the recipient of one of our $1,000 Colonel Macleod Scholarships at SAIT:

"I am extremely thankful to have won this award and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making this kind of student aid available. For me, this award will help eliminate my debt from school and will help propel me to a strong financial future as a paramedic.

Going to school for two years after working full time for four years was a tough decision to make, particularly financially. What makes this even more special is that in the last semester of this year my wife and I found out that we were pregnant! Of course we were elated, but also concerned about how we'd do in terms of money. This award helped to ease our minds and we will never forget it. We even have plans to fund a bursary ourselves one day when we can afford it. Thanks again to everybody, especially SAIT and the Rotary Club of Calgary West!"

Khaled Abdalla Wally
At the June 7, 2013 Club Meeting International student Khaled Abdalla Wally, recipient of the Rotary Club of Calgary West Bow Valley College Scholarship, said in his thank-you speech:
"I can't believe how big the difference from yesterday to today for me. Thank-you for the investment you made in me. I am happy to participate in an activity with you."
He is already signed up to help at the Stampede Breakfast.

reported by Lynne Thornton in the Weekly Westerner

Scholarships presented at Mount Royal University on Tuesday November 16, 2010 by Stan Cichon

Megan Robertson
Megan Robertson, recipient of
The Harold Sharlow Scholarship
Megan Robertson
Winnie Leung, recipient of
The E.R. Jo Johanson Scholarship