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Nov 18, 2016: Chad Saunders, Operations Director of the Studio Bell National Music Centre: "The Power of Music to Reinvent a City". website

Tazim Asaria and Chad SaundersTazim Asaria introduced our speaker, Chad Saunders, operations director of the Studio Bell National Music Centre located in Calgary, in the East Village in the former King Edward Hotel site, home of "the blues" in old days Calgary.

Highlights of his presentation were:

  • Four pillars of the centre are a collection of musical instruments of historic value, performance of live music, education of the public and exhibitions.
  • Designed by Portland, Oregon, architect, Brad Cloepfils, with a unique building that spans two buildings connected by a plus 65 (65 feet in the air) which houses a performance hall that seats 350, exhibition halls, meeting rooms, administration centre, a voice gallery, the original Rolling Stones mobile recording studio ( around which the building was constructed) and many public spaces.
  • The facility is interactive in that the public can actually "touch and feel" many of the exhibits.
  • The facility has 220,000 terra cotta tiles in its construction and yet has amazing acoustics.
  • There is a gallery of costumes from famous concerts by famous artists.
  • There is a collection of sound mixing equipment that can be used for modern-day sound production.
  • Over 20,000 musical artefacts are on display.
  • It is projected that 90,000 people will visit the centre in the next five years.
  • 560 volunteers are actively engaged in servicing the centre.
  • It is still being finished, and they are about $50,000 short to complete the project.

Chad entertained several questions and comments from those present. The presentation was well received. Perhaps we should have a Rotary meeting field trip at the Music Centre some day?

Bill Fitzsimmons thanked the speaker and presented him with our famous Boltman.

  • Chad Saunders, Bill Fitzsimmons, and Terry Felton
    Chad Saunders, Bill Fitzsimmons, and Terry Felton

reported by Altius

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