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November 20, 2017: Doug Mitchell, OC QC - a special Grey Cup presentation.

Clarence Buckley introduced our guest speaker, Doug Mitchell, former CFL player and League Commissioner.

Doug first of all admitted that his wife, Lieutenant Governor Lois Mitchell, is biased toward the Eskimos, his son is president/CEO of the Hamilton Ti-Cats. This makes for interesting dinner table discussion!

Doug spoke about "making a difference in sports" by encouraging "grass roots sports" among 5-7 year old children.

He suggested that children's sports are much too organized and gave an example of six year old being "cut" from a peewee hockey team.

There is a need for innovation such as "shrink the rink" into four separate rinks and "disc golf" to encourage more children to play.

Doug mentioned that Edmonton has far better sports facilities than Calgary for both amateur and professional.

He introduced "Santa's Grey Cup Quiz"

  1. The 2017 Grey Cup game will be played in ______ and will be the 105th annual. (Ottawa)
  2. How many Grey Cups have the Stampeders won? (6)
  3. What team has won the most Grey Cups? (Toronto)
  4. How did the Grey Cup get its name? (Donated by Earl Grey, Governor General of Canada. [Editor's Note: This is, I believe, the Lord Grey of Fallodon, who said on August 3, 1914, "The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."])
  5. When did Edmonton Eskimos start in the league? (1949)
  6. What year did the Stampeders start? (1945)
  7. How much did the Grey Cup originally cost? ($48)
  8. What was the CFL known previously? (Rugby Union)
  9. Which trophy is taller, Grey Cup or NFL's Lombardy Trophy? (Grey Cup)
  10. What year did the BC Lions start in the League? (1954)
  11. How is the decision made for a city to host the Grey Cup? (Board of Governors)
  12. Has a crossover team ever won? (No)
  13. Where will the 2018 Grey Cup game be played? (Calgary)
  14. Worst stadium in Canada? (Calgary)
  15. Highest rent? (Edmonton)
  16. Why can't Calgary get a new Arena/Stadium/Field House? (Lack of leadership)

Doug Mitchell was thanked by Chris Davis and presented with a Boltman.

  • Chris Davis, Doug Mitchell, and Ben Kormos Chris Davis, Doug Mitchell, and Ben Kormos

reported by Bill Tapuska

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