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Nov 25, 2016: Ken Newans, former CTV broadcaster.  

Bill Tapuska introduced our guest speaker, Ken Newans, former CTV broadcaster and voice of the Stamps for 11 years. His greatest joy was broadcasting the Olympics. He retired in 1996. He, too, remembered great times atop the Summit after work!

To get us into the spirit, we sang "Ye Men of Calgary". It is a marvellous weekend for football: the Dinos are playing in the Vanier Cup; grandsons of Ken and Terry McDonough are playing high school football; and of course, the Stamps go to the Grey Cup. And don't leave out Andrew Buckley who plays for the Stamps. His proud grandparents are Clarence and Evelyn.

The Stamps swept the board at the awards ceremonies last night (Thursday, November 24), winning five individual awards. And so they should — what a season they have had!!!

Dan Federkeil has a story. A Medicine Hat boy who went stateside to play for the Indianapolis Colts, won the Super Bowl and retired in 2009 due to concussions. In 2013, he came back to play on the offensive line for Calgary.

John Hufnagel was lured to Calgary by the Forzanis. He was a quarterback and then coached from 2008-2013. "He is exceptional", comments Ken, "something about Huff that he was meant to coach."

Ken gave us stories on:

  • Pat Clayton who looked after the equipment, and recently retired after 36 years;
  • Mark Stevens who gave the play-by-play for 20 years and is now in the media HOF;
  • Dwayne Johnson, former football player turned actor;
  • Stan Schwartz who has just retired, but managed the money when the Stamps were on the verge of going broke;
  • Sugar Foot Anderson who came to the Stamps in 1949 — a year after they won the cup in '48. He is 97 years old now and is looking forward to the Grey Cup game this weekend;
  • Patti Gutek who hasn't missed a Grey Cup in the past 30 years despite an injury that left her paralyzed while out at Sunshine;
  • Finally, we were to remember Normie Kwong, the great "Chinese Clipper", who passed away last September. Normie was a man of high integrity. He was invited into ownership of the club. He didn't like spending money, but he could handle money and got the Stamps out of financial difficulty.


Terry McDonough thanked our speaker, seeing Ken as the real deal, a legend, and presented him with our world famous Boltman.

  • Terry Felton, Ken Newans, and Terry McDonough
    Terry Felton, Ken Newans, and Terry McDonough

reported by Judy Cochran

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