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April 10, 2017: Southern Alberta Nominees for the prestigious Manning Awards   Manning Awards Southern Alberta and Manning Awards

Bill Quinney then introduced Matt Beer, Chair of the Southern Alberta Chapter of the Ernest C Manning Innovation Awards. Matt is also a member of the Chestermere Rotary Club.

Matt provided some background on the awards (see web-sites above), and then introduced each of the presenters.

Rather than detail each presentation, the following provides the name of the presenter, the company they represent and their web-site: [brief intro from Matt Beer]

  • Ken Davies — Hop Compost:
    Hop Compost created Canada's first inner-city compost facility, and pioneered a closed loop around it. Since launching in February 2015, Hop has saved over 3 million pounds of food waste from landfill, and crafted the most nutrient-rich compost in Canada to boost organic crop yields. They utilize HotRot's cleantech technology that operates without odours to cut up to 83% of primary hauling costs and produce a product where one bag has the nutrients of approximately 8 bags of standard compost.
  • Russel Gray — Veterinary Simulator Industries
    Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd. creates animal simulators that allow veterinary students to become proficient in their diagnostic and practical skills without the need to endanger or cause unnecessary discomfort to live animals.
  • Yonathon Dattner — Luxmux
    Luxmux's innovation is an advanced light source used for manufacturing, Research labs, telecommunications testing systems, and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT, a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of the retina). The innovation called the BeST-SLED which stands for Broad Spectrum Tunable Superluminescent diode, offers higher power and 5 to 20 times the bandwidth than similar products on the market.
  • Michael Bussoli — Apparel Innovation Centre
    The Apparel Innovation Centre is one of the most advanced apparel research and development facilities in North America. This unique public/private partnership between Olds College and Alberta Garment, provides world-class R&D services, such as thermal comfort research, to the largest apparel brands in the world and to the Canadian military, and also helps Canadian designers and entrepreneurs create innovative products.
  • Steve Skiba — Anyquip
    AnyQuip is Canada's peer-to-peer equipment rental network. Companies connect on AnyQuip to get underutilized heavy equipment to work in every industry. Owners can earn revenue on their idle equipment, and renters can find exactly the equipment they need for less.
  • Dr Tanya Beran — RX Robots
    RxRobots is transforming pediatrics using humanoid robots. They build software applications for a robot named MEDi™, to use cognitive-behavioral interventions to coach children to overcome pain and fear of dental and medical procedures like teeth cleaning, blood tests and vaccinations. These applications are research proven to reduce children's pain by 50%.

Each of the presenters was warmly acknowledged.

It really is worthwhile to take a look at their web-sites and see how innovative these Southern Alberta people are.

  • 2017 Manning Award Nominees for Southern Alberta
  • 2017 Manning Award Nominees for Southern Alberta
  • 2017 Manning Award Nominees for Southern Alberta

reported by Mike French

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