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September 9, 2016: Alma Abugov and Caitlin Quarrington, of MindFuel.

Bill Lawless introduced the first of our two guest speakers, Alma Abugov, who is the director of development for MindFuel. Alma attended the previous CWRC meeting (as a "dry run") and was happy to come back as she thinks we are a pretty good group!

MindFuel (formerly Science Alberta Foundation) was founded in 1990 to improve Alberta students' low ranking in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) tests, and create awareness and support regarding the importance of cultivating an Alberta that could compete on the global stage.

To date MindFuel, has developed numerous award winning programs such as "Science in a Crate", "Aboriginal Ways of Knowing", "Wonderville", "Bust a Myth", "Ignition Pack" and "Edacity". These programs provide hands-on learning experiences for children and makes science interesting to them.

Part of the problem MindFuel seeks to solve is that science is taught in a boring manner by teachers who are not necessarily well versed in the subject. These packages provide effective teaching tools and make the process of learning fun and interesting. More detail can be found on their website:

MindFuel's programs are used in 79 schools across Alberta in grades 6 to 9 covering complete scientific units. MindFuel will put CWRC's donation to good use.

Clare Bildfell thanked Alma and Caitlin and presented them with one Boltman, which they said they would share.

Clare Bildfell, Alma Abugov, Caitlin Quarrington, and Terry Felton
Clare Bildfell, Alma Abugov, Caitlin Quarrington, and Terry Felton

reported by Larry Doyle

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