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December 9, 2016: Paige MacPherson, Canadian Taxpayers Federation.   Canadian Taxpayers Federation website

Paige joined the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as Alberta director in 2015. Throughout her career she's had a passion for giving a voice to taxpayers and pushing for government accountability.

Paige was raised in Pickering, Ontario. Her work has taken her from coast-to-coast and in between, working in Halifax, Cape Breton, Fredericton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

As a former elections reporter and weekend host for Sun News Network, Paige had the privilege of traveling across our great country to cover four provincial elections. For several years, she has contributed opinions and news coverage to newspapers and radio programs across Canada.

Prior to media, Paige worked in communications and media relations at the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), a Halifax-based think-tank. While there, she started AIMS on Campus, a free-market university outreach program. Paige earned her degree in political science from Dalhousie University in Halifax, and is working toward her Master of Public Policy at the U of C.

Key Points

  • By 2018, the carbon tax will cost the average family with two children over $600 per year, just for driving their children to school and themselves to work.
  • The carbon tax will increase the cost of bananas, diapers and virtually everything. It's a tax on anything that moves.
  • With the carbon tax and gas tax hikes, the average Alberta family of four will have to cough up $888 on gas taxes alone in 2018.
  • A federally imposed carbon price of $50/tonne would have an even larger impact, costing the average Canadian household $2,569 annually by 2022.
  • The costs do not include carbon tax paid by municipalities for buses, government buildings, and schools, etc., which will undoubtedly push up property taxes.
  • The carbon tax would cost Albertan taxpayers billions every year, yet the NDP government didn't even campaign on it.
  • The Alberta carbon tax will make life more difficult for families and businesses, but it won't make a dent in climate change.
  • $30 billion investment capital is shovel-ready to invest into pipelines:
    • $6.8 Billion – Transmountain
    • $7.9 Billion – Northern Gateway
    • $15.7 Billion – Energy East
  • 13 oil sands companies have invested $1.3 billion to share in 814 technologies and innovations. Visit to learn more.
  • Australia implemented a carbon tax in 2012 and everyone was in favour: governments, media, the public, etc. It cost $8 billion to implement and after two years the government repealed the carbon tax as it did little to stop greenhouse gases and increased electricity costs substantially; as it did in Ontario.

So much of what the CTF deals with – high taxes, debt, wasteful spending – is symptomatic of a much larger problem. That problem, simply put, is that our current political system fails to be accountable to the people who pay for it. It is especially offensive that Alberta would implement the carbon tax in a period when we have the highest unemployment in 22 years and small business continues to close their doors.

The thanks of the club were expressed by Darren Grierson, who presented Paige with our world famous Boltman.

  • Darren Grierson, Paige MacPherson, and Terry Felton
    Darren Grierson, Paige MacPherson, and Terry Felton

reported by Mike Carlin

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