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April 30, 2018: Todd Beasely, Albertans for Affordable Electricity — "Stop the Shock"     website

Todd Beasley provided a very interesting and alarming talk about the impact that the Climate Leadership Act C16P9.pdf will have on Alberta – "The most significant and urgent threat to Alberta's current and future prosperity". In a nutshell, this act will cost Alberta $30-$50 billion, and increase our monthly power bill by 3 to 10 times.

We can look to the efforts by Germany, Australia and Ontario as lessons learned, but ignored. For example, Germany spent 800 billion Euros on alternative energy. Hans Werner Sinn, German economist and was President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research, stated that wind and solar power integration into the power grid does not work. Blackouts and brownouts are common. By 2017, over 70% of the country's jobs in the solar industry have been lost in the solar sector. In Ontario, power costs have risen 4x since 2006. In Australia, customers are paying more than anywhere in the world, 2 to 3x the cost in the USA.

In the Act, there is a carbon levy, oil sands emissions cap, and a move to solar and wind becoming 30% of our power supply, and prematurely shutting down 18 coal-fired power plants, replacing them with natural gas. Alberta, land-locked and far from markets, counts on energy cost advantage to attract investment.

Coal is apparently the culprit. It produces the most CO2 in burning. Having said this, there are 7,500 coal-fired power plants worldwide. 1.5 new plants are commissioned every day, because it is the cheapest source of energy (2.5 cents/kwh), and totally predictable and reliable.

The major cost comes from shutting down the coal plants. There is no cost/benefit , and no environmental impact analysis.

He noted that the contracts that are being worked out with providers of solar and wind power offer a guaranteed 8.5% after-tax profit. The contracts are based on capacity, not power delivery. This means there is no incentive for efficiency, and the solar and wind facilities need never produce a kwh of power and still receive the comfortable return on investment.

A pilot project in Boundary Dam near Estevan, Saskatchewan, has successfully proven that CO2 from the coal fired power plant can be condensed and injected into a de-pressured oil reservoir resulting in enhanced oil recovery. This provides the means to keep coal plants open while eliminating CO2 emissions, producing a revenue stream to pay for the plant modifications. This has attracted much interest from the USA and China.

In conclusion, the premature closure of coal plants will result in a huge burden to individuals and industry for generations to come, for no scientific or economic reason, simply driven by politics. We have plenty of highly ethical power producers in place, and more urgent societal issues that will be displaced by this ill-considered move to alternative energy.

Don Vokey presented Todd with our world-famous Boltman.

There were reporters at the meeting, and you can read the Calgary Herald article.

  • Don Vokey, Todd Beasely, and Ben Kormos Don Vokey, Todd Beasely, and Ben Kormos

reported by Duncan Stanners

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