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August 26, 2019: Dr Tom Keenan, U of Calgary Professor, Author, Commentator.       U Calgary webpage

Bob Pearson introduced our speaker, Dr Tom Keenan.

Tom previously spoke to our club about five years ago about the creeping and pervasive effect of new technology. In the intervening five years, the technology is so sophisticated that just about anything can be faked, including photos and videos.

Tom showed us many examples of fakery, including one with Barack Obama making ridiculous utterances. Images and videos can be faked for political reasons. An example was an altered video of Nancy Pelosi speaking as if she was under the influence of something. Quite subtle, but potentially devastating in its effect. Such videos can be used close to election dates, which could have a significant effect on the election result.

The technology to do these things is widely available. Tom gave us many examples and indicated that there are electronic countermeasures which can be effective, but not 100% so.

Tom also made his recent book Techno Creep available to members for $20, of which $10 would be contributed back to the club.

  • Tom Keenan and Gerry Meek Tom Keenan and Gerry Meek

reported by Larry Doyle

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