Youth Programmes

Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp (AYEC)

October 14/16: Kaylee Quinney Presentation

Kaylee Quinney, Bill Quinney's granddaughter, attended the Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp (AYEC), August 14 to 20 of this year.

AYEC gives youth some basic entrepreneurial experience in a positive and supportive environment. Kaylee was part of a group of 54 young people who participated in this year's camp.

Each group was to select a product, set up a business, learn how to negotiate a loan, manufacture and sell the product and wrap up the business.

Kaylee's group selected a memory book product, which was a pictorial record of the camp's significant events. Despite some production problems, Kaylee's group was successful and their company earned a profit of $900. Each group member received $50 after the bank was repaid.

It was a very good experience for Kaylee and she thanked the club for sponsoring her.reported in the Weekly Westerner bulletin by Larry Doyle

Kaylee Quinney