The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

  • Both Foundations have endowment Funds.
    • The Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation (CRCF) is an endowment fund. A contribution of $1000 every year will generate for the Club, under current guidelines, 5% per annum, that is, $50 to go towards our projects. With over $915,000 in the fund, that is more than $37,000 a year we can put to work together with the money we generate from fundraising.
    • The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International (TRF) has a menu of funds that you can direct your donation to: some are endowed funds and some are available for distribution of capital.
  • With The Rotary Foundation SHARE options there is also an opportunity to leverage the donations, thereby making a SIGNIFICANT difference to the GOOD we can do in the world. There are several areas in the Rotary Foundation that members can donate to, but here is an example of two of the more common designations:
    • Annual Fund Share Funds donated to the Annual Fund SHARE are invested by the Foundation for three years with the interest earned going to cover the administration costs of the Foundation. After three years the funds become available for supporting Rotary programs. There is a general misconception that funds donated to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) do not impact local projects. This is far from the truth. In fact, almost half the grants are used locally. In our District, $461,000US or about $576,000 Cdn is available for grants in 2021-22. That means roughly $230,000 of funds will be used by clubs for LOCAL projects (Community Development, VTT, Youth and Scholarship).By giving money to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund SHARE, you can see the leverage that can be achieved. What a difference! So it is definitely worth donating to the Annual Fund SHARE and making your dollars go further.
    • The Polio Plus Program started in 1986 with a goal to eradicate polio from the world. Rotary members have been working for over 30 years to end polio. Through the "End Polio Now: Make History Today" campaign, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match two-to-one every dollar Rotary commits to polio eradication. We are very close to our goal of total polio eradication, and a final push is needed. Your contribution will make a difference and we truly appreciate your support.
For more than 100 years, Rotary has been active in Calgary helping to make Calgary "A Better Community".
The Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation (CRCF) is a funding foundation, not a granting organization. The CRCF manages funds on behalf of the member clubs - it does not distribute directly to charities. The CRCF is managed by a board of directors which is comprised of members from each participating club. The board is responsible for ensuring that the pooled funds of the member clubs are invested safely with recognized money managers and that returns are maximized to provide sustainability for the fund in perpetuity. Funds are then distributed annually to the member clubs, which in turn are tasked to donate these returns to worthy charitable organizations. Calgary West has over $915,000 in the CRCF Foundation and at 5% this equates to $37,000 to be used for our projects. There are several ways you can contribute:
  • Bequests: By making a bequest upon your death through a codicil to your will.
  • Life Insurance: Transfer an existing policy or purchase a new policy with the CRCF as the beneficiary.
  • Donation of Securities: Marketable securities can be gifted to the foundation.
  • Memorial Tributes: Consider a contribution in memory of a deceased relative or colleague.
  • Cash Contributions: Consider the merits of making an annual donation. If these are done online at the Alberta Treasury Branch will add an additional 15% (some limitations apply).
100% Participation
Our Jubilee year began with an announcement that our members were 100% Paul Harris Fellows. This was truly a great achievement. However, this goal was not an end unto itself, it's just the beginning. Our club has been a huge recipient of funds from both Foundations which has given us the opportunity to support projects in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, as well as many community projects. These foundations have allowed us to put a foot print on helping the people of the world. When you think about it, the Foundation has allowed us to bring to life our Jubilee theme: MY PASSION, MY MOMENTS, OUR ROTARY.
Let's reach a new goal of 100% participation in either the TRF or CRCF. This is what "Every Rotarian — Every Year" means.
  • For new Rotarians, you have the opportunity to become members of the Rotary Foundation, either by purchasing a Paul Harris Fellowship for $1000US, or by becoming a sustaining member by pledging $100US each year to the Foundation. This will be matched by our club up to $300US in Paul Harris points.
  • For existing members you can continue to donate each year to the foundation either by
    • Issuing a cheque, or
    • Signing up to have an automatic donation charged to your credit card, either monthly or quarterly. It's really quite easy: go to and sign in to your account. Roughly 25% of our club is on this plan, and we would like to increase this to 50% ($11 per month will equate to $100US per year).