Are you interested in applying for help with a International Community Project? 
Our club provides various resources including, member contribution, Skills, Expertise and financial resources to solve problems.
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In January 2023, Rotary Club of Calgary West offered scholarships to two students through Rise-To-Shine Education Foundation to join the local boarding schools, an invaluable opportunity that will help them concentrate on their studies and inspire their futures.
The Goal is to empower and enable young, bright, needy students in the lake region of Kenya which is greatly affected by the “sex for fish” (food scarcity) scenario. We're active in four counties (Siaya, Kisumu, Migori and Homabay).
Proposing to provide state-of-the-art 3D printing hardware and software along with technician training to enable a 21st century approach. This will allow for limbs to be electronically scanned initially and for the prosthetic sockets to be custom made for each client.
The initiation of at least one women-led cooperative economic development initiative in one of the three project communities that enhances the prosperity of  participating households and contributes to the economic diversity of the community through the provision of seed grants for start-up costs (e.g. equipment,  materials).
Provide a measure of food relief to a small community where the men, who usually spent several months each fall cutting sugar cane, were unable to work due to Covid-19. 
As a member of Calgary West, Nketti Johnson-Taylor, is the champion for a project through the group ACED-Action for Community Empowerment and Development.