Rotary believes in developing the next generation of leaders. Our programs help younger leaders build leadership skills, expand education and learn the value of service.

Interact Clubs
Interact clubs bring together young people
ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills
and learn about the world through service
projects and activities.
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
RYLA is a leadership development program
for young people who want to learn new 
skills, build their confidence, and have fun. 
Events range from one-day seminars to
weeklong camps.
Rotary Youth Exchange
Rotary Youth Exchange builds peace one
young person at a time. Students learn a new 
language, discover another culture, and truly
become global citizens. Exchanges for
students ages 15-19 are sponsored by Rotary
Clubs in more than 100 countries.
Rotary Alberta Youth
Entrepreneurship Camp
A week-long camp that takes place every
August for youth ages 13- 15 who are
interested in learning about business and
entrepreneurship. The main focus of this
camp is to educate youth about  marketing, 
advertising, preparing a cash-flow statement
and writing a business plan.
Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment
RYPEN is an annual leadership camp
intended for aspiring leaders, aged 13-17, to
learn new skills, participate in leadership
and teamwork activities, and make new
friends in the process!
Rotex fills the gap after Rotary Youth
Exchange. After returning home, many
students miss their lives abroad. Rotex helps
keep the international connections going.

The Free Reading Program

The Free Reading Program
Is free for students in need and sponsored by donors who want to help make a change. Our program provides learners in reading levels K-6 with a comprehensive online studying tool, designed to reinforce fundamental reading skills. With over 3,500 activities accessible online, our program is used by over 300,000 students in 185 countries. 

Recent Youth Program History & Participants


YEX ( Youth Exchange Program)

Reports from our most recent inbound and outbound students:

Previous Inbound & Outbound YEX Participants

Inbound: Roope Korpinen 2014-15 Inbound: Lori Mattei 2017-18 Inbound: Laura Pipolo 2018-19 Inbound: Margot Robins 2019-20
Outbound: Emily Hallorin 2008-09 Outbound: Hannah Schafiei 2017-18 Out: Emma Raleigh-Smith 2018-19 Outbound: Jakob Hettinga 2019-20

Ambassadorial Scholarship

RYLA   (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

  • 2021 Cancelled due to Covid.
  • 2020 Cancelled due to Covid.
  • 2019 Laura Pipolo, Zach Smith, John Alford,Aaron Verhesenand and Seaira Constable.
  • 2018 Jerimah Nudd, Reece Barrett, Curtis Nikiforuk, Allison Collins and Alexander Smith.
  • 2018 Annual Conference, read the report from councillors Khalid Keshavjee and Alisha Kurji
  • 2017 Azra Jeraj, Kenzie Benesh, Hannah Tarasco, Lauren Simpson, and Lori Mattei.
  • 2016 Elizabeth Chima, Jewels-Rose Pigott, Edvin Kurian, Evin Kurian, Ruiji Pan, and Alyssa Chow.
  • 2015 Tatiana Pratt, Kayla Nguyen, Nareesa Karmali, Aman Kurji, Amelia McGill, and Catherine Heger.

RAYEC  (Rotary Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp)

  • 2021 Virtual Camp
  • 2020 Cancelled due to Covid.
  • 2019 Daniel Chang
  • 2017 Kaylee Quinney, Tyler Louis

RYPEN   (Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment)

  • 2020 Cancelled due to Covid 19.
  • 2018 David Munyezam Pictuu
  • 2017 Haleigh Schreyer, Rylee Cain
  • 2016 Sunday James, Tiara Evans